Welcome back to Pick Your Side! This is where you need to pick a side and defend it. If you missed the last post, I'll leave a link to it at the bottom of this post. This week, you'll be deciding which version of Geoff is best. Here are the sides.

Side 1: Regular Geoff

Geoff joined the show as a positive, fun-loving guy who loved people and was up for any challenge Chris had in store. He always addresed people as "dude" and "bruh". He says that life is short and that if someone doesn't have a party every day of the week, they're gonna regret it. He is also great at motivating people, especially his best friend Brody in the spin-off series.

Side 2: Aftermath Geoff

Total Drama Action introduced a sadistic side of Geoff with a personality very similar to that of Chris, which I like to call "Aftermath Geoff". He tortures the eliminated contestants for ratings, and even went as far as insulting his girlfriend Bridgette. However, in Total Drama World Tour, Geoff becomes enraged after finding out that Bridgette fell in love with someone else. Eventually, Geoff reunited with Bridgette and returned to his normal self.

Which side do you choose?

After reading the descriptions of both sides, which version of Geoff do you think is the best and why? Regular Geoff or Aftermath Geoff? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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