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    To coincide with Heather's appreciation blog, I decided to create a hurt and heal starring all of Heather's hairstyles. Don't forget to read the rules before voting.


    1) In the comments, say which hairstyle you want to hurt, and which hairstyle you want to heal.

    2) The hairstyle you hurt will lose 1HP, and the hairstyle you heal will gain 1HP.

    3) Maximum HP is 10.

    4) No sockpuppeting.

    5) You can only vote once each day.

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    Hi everyone. Jimboy here. Back with another blog. This blog will basically be a place where I keep down everything we know about Total Drama Season 6 (or 7 if you count TDAS and TDPI as separate seasons).

    This is what we knew when I first made this blog.

    • It will feature some of our favorite contestants from TDI (source:
    • It will premiere on Cartoon Network in late 2018/early 2019 (source:
    • It will feature a different theme song from the previous 5 seasons (source:

    Here's some more info we know as of today.

    • Fresh TV has started writing the episodes of the season (source:…

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    Hi everyone. Jimboy here. I went to the Total Drama subreddit today and the latest post said that Fresh TV's website is finished getting redone. Click here if you want to check it out. Also, under the TDI section, it says that Total Drama has been picked up by Netflix. So does this mean Netflix is the new broadcaster? I hope so, because if they are, this means that the show has a higher chance of getting renewed, because we all know what would've happened if they stuck with Cartoon Network. That's pretty much it for this blog post. Jimboy out.

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    Welcome back to Pick Your Side! This is where you need to pick a side and defend it. If you missed the last post, I'll leave a link to it at the bottom of this post. This week, you'll be deciding which version of Geoff is best. Here are the sides.

    Geoff joined the show as a positive, fun-loving guy who loved people and was up for any challenge Chris had in store. He always addresed people as "dude" and "bruh". He says that life is short and that if someone doesn't have a party every day of the week, they're gonna regret it. He is also great at motivating people, especially his best friend Brody in the spin-off series.

    Total Drama Action introduced a sadistic side of Geoff with a personality very similar to that of Chris, which I like to call…

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    After a long hiatus, Pick Your Side is finally back with it's fourth entry. In case you don't know what this blog series is, you are given two sides and must pick one to defend. This week, you'll be deciding which team is best. Here are the sides.

    The Screaming Gophers are the superior team of Total Drama Island, losing only five times as opposed to the Killer Bass's seven. In addition, every post-merge challenge in the season is won by a former gopher. This team also had several important interactions in the season, such as:

    • Beth and Heather
    • Beth and Lindsay
    • Gwen and Heather
    • Gwen and Leshawna
    • Gwen and Trent
    • Heather and Leshawna
    • Heather and Lindsay
    • Izzy and Owen

    The Killer Bass are the inferior team of Total Drama Island, losing seven times as oppos…

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