I will rank the contestants and what I think of them. U MAD?

Da Rank

13. Scott - Scott. The antagonist. Sure, he had awesome ways of eliminated the contestants, and stirred up awesome drama. But his plan. It was flawed, and I found it incredibly stupid. But, he's still a decent antagonist altogether. Just a stupid plan.

12. Staci - Staci was highly amusing, and was awesome while she lasted. The only reason why she is ranked this low, is because she didn't really have much development, seeing as she only competed in one episode. But she is still awesome.

11. Silent B - Silent B was funny, IMO, because of his creativity and silent personality. I loved his friendship with Dawn, and how his name is really Beverly. However, I'm upset he was eliminated so early, meaning he won't get much development.

10. Lightning - Lightning is a dumb, athletic overacheiver. I used to hate him, but now he has grown on me. I love the Sha-bam stuff, and his interactions between Jo. He is a super duper awesome character, and I hope to see more. However, I have moved him down the list, due to his recent @$$#0II$# development.

9. Jo - Jo is a mean character. She is also one of the most amusing characters on the show, in my opinion. I love her conflict with Lightning, especially him thinking she's a dude. However, there's not much of a character inside her, other than being aggresive and athletic. However, her she is an awesome character.

8. Cameron - Cameron was a good contestant. He had an awesome personality, and showed great development throughout the series. I loved his friendship with Mike, and conflict with Jo. However, I am not much of a fan of this contestant.

7. Brick - Brick is a funny cadet. I loved his actions between him and Jo. I find almost everything he does, plain awesome. It would've been great to see more interactions between him and Jo. Maybe even a relationship...MAYBE though.

6. Sam - Sam is an awesome gamer. He was humorous one liners, and I loved his relationship with Dakota. It was SO AWESOME. He was an awesome character, and I am glad Total Drama made a gamer. It would've been better to see more of him, though.

5. Dakota - Dakota is plain awesome. Even if she is a mutant. I love everything about her. I love her persistance at being famous. I love how she returns. I love how she mutates. I love her relationship with Sam. Overall, she's an amazing character.

4. Anne Maria - Anne Maria. The Jersey Shore ripoff. She is soo funny. I wish she sprayed more people with hairspray or spray on tan. Whatever. She was cool, awesome attitude, and I love the love triangle with her, Mike/Vito and Zoey.

3. Mike - Mike, the multiple personality disorder. I love how he keeps on trying to win over Zoey, while his personas keep ruining everything for him. Chester is funny. Svetlana is awesome. Vito is meh, but caused awesome drama and Manitoba is awesome.

2. Zoey - Zoey is a nice, fun loving character. But I feel her entire story line revolves around Mike, especially with their relationship. She had some great lines, and I loved the love triangle. But now that Mike is gone, Zoey has just proven to be how much of a great character she is without Mike! I love Commando Zoey!

1. Dawn - You already know why. Aura reading, future telling, meditating, talking to animals. I am obsessed with her. She is so awesome!

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