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The show opens up with Chris standing on the run-down docks. Soon, a boat with most of the previous contestants, except Alejandro and Blaineley drive by, but get angry when they realise there not going back to the island for a nother season. Then another yacht drives by holding the thirteen contestants. Jo seems to be angry, Dawn is meditating next to B and Dakota compliments herself. This causes Anne Maria to spray her face with hair spray. Staci says something, causing her to spray her face aswell. Sam seems to play a DS like gadget on the boat. Then, the camera is back on Chris Mclean and he blows up the boat, leading it to the AMAZING theme song. In the theme song, Chris has the jet pack and dumps water on a famous Dakota. The next scene shows the campers in the water, Jo jumps on sam's head and Cameron almost drowns, only to be saved by Lightning. Dakota somehow got inside a lightboat and has her pictures taken. Chris watches on a TV but is furious at her. He gets Chef to blow up the paparazzi boat, sending Dakota onto a rock. Cameron lands on Anne Maria but she sprays her hair and walks away in the water. Staci almost drowns so Mike and Zoey come to her help. Before saving her, he and Zoey have a short talk, but Staci pulls Mike underwater. Zoey rushes to help. Zoey and Mike save her. Mike says something sadly in the confessional, then zoey has her turn in the confessional and it looks like she is complimenting him. Jo then arrives on the beach, congratiulating herself for being first, but then sees Dawn beat her because Dawn is meditating on a rock holding up a starfish. (I want to marry Dawn). Jo is sort of angry, but Dawn says something back. Brick then crawls onto the beach gasping for breath. He is then shown in the confessional showing his arm muscles. Cameron appears to rise out of the water, but B is seen under him as the emerge, because Cameron stood on his head. Cameron then appears in the confessional talking and applying sunscreen. Soon, a butterfly flies by in the confessional, which distracts and makes him happy. He facinates over it, but it lands on his head, freaking him out. The twelve contestants are seen on the beach, Dawn meditating and Staci seems to talk with a lying face. Mike says something to Zoey, but immediately stops when he notices Sam reach the shore from the waves and Sam coughs out a fish annd holds his DS thing. Sam is shown to be in the confessional, talking and playing the DS. Mike, Zoey and Dawn sit near eachother and Zoey starts talking whilst Mike looks at her romanticially. Dawn says something that creeps Zoey out and tries to do something with her hand, but Zoey rejects. Chris announces something on the loudspeaker, which annoys Lightning. Shortly after, some creatures are seen in the forest destroying trees and coming after them. The thirteen contestants run. Lightning and Jo seem to be ahead of everyone and Chris appears in a ATV and says something to them. While Chris is talking, Jo walks away and Scott reaches them, along with Brick. Brick does an army salute, but B slams into him running, knocking Brick onto the floor. Cameron is seen hanging off his back. B doesn't talk, but he does some signal thing. Cameron runs, and Zoey and Mike reach the others and try to catch their breaths. Zoey says something to Chris, but walks away. Shortly after, Dawn walks to Mike. (I WANNA MARRY DAWN :D) Mike seems to be annoyed with Dawn, and he runs away. Dakota arrives next and Anne Maria walks past poking her tongue at Dakota. Sam simply crawls to the others and collapses with Staci behind him. Staci says something, but collapses on top of Sam. Chris begins

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