Since I have no life to speak of , here’s a reference list I made of which personality traits were the reason each character got voted off in TDI (reasons underneath…Maybe someone out there would find this useful? Idk I use it for fanfiction to get in character):

Ezekiel- Chauvinism/ ignorance/ social awkwardness

Noah- Laziness/ uncooperative

Justin- lack thereof

Katie- absentmindedness/ lack of focus

Tyler- fearfulness/ cowardice




Courtney-bossiness/desire (?? iffy on this one)


Eva-vengefulness/ quick-tempered/ irritability (both times)

Trent- weak-willed/prideful (also iffy)



DJ- cowardice

Izzy- Impulsivity/imprecise





Gwen (in Owen’s ending)-dispassion

Owen (In Gwen’s ending)- distractedness

Ezekiel- obviously for his sexist beliefs. In a tiny way you feel kinda bad for him, cuz he’s been homeschooled all his life and probably doesn’t get out much, and that’s probably all he knows. So I stuck ignorance in there; and he does seem to learn more eventually. Also a lot of people (imo) secretly probably believe this but know better than to say it, so Ezekiel’s also pretty awkward as well. Kinda like a kid with no “word filter.”

Noah- This one’s also pretty easy- Noah was just lazy and didn’t want to help his team,preferring to read a book. Honestly  I felt sympathy for Noah. If he’s not athletic and he KNOWS it, why bother humiliating himself ? Maybe he was better off not bringing his team down, Lol.

Justin- Heather didn’t really know what to expect with Justin since he didn’t say much, so she chose him to vote out next. I think he even scared her a little since she knew he could manipulate with his looks- plus it was probably easy to convince others to him vote out since he didn’t have many friends.

Katie- Not paying much attention to the challenge, Katie got distracted by blueberries and she and Sadie ended up getting lost. Basically just her not paying attention to the others, and she was never to compete again :(

Tyler- Fear of chickens got Tyler out!! He even got like 2 chances and still failed. Fun fact: Fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia.

Cody- too busy eating the bbq chips to think about the fact he was alone in the woods and the chips were falling everywhere, Cody got mauled by a bear, deemed useless, and left. Should’ve been more focused…Also he was really optimistic about not getting voted off, when he should’ve been trying to convince his team that his being in a wheelchair would make him easy competition later. kinda like Katie’s downfall now that I think about it.

Beth- this one bothered me more than a little. She was in the bathroom when Chris said not to take anything from boney island, BUT chris didn’t explain to her when she got out. Still, she could’ve asked others what she missed. Also, it was OWEN who ate all the food and ruined the challenge, but everyone’s superstitious asses voted out Beth anyway.

Sadie- For whatever reason kept on pelting Courtney with the apples even after she asked her to stop, so idk she was either being too optimistic (maybe if I just keep going no one will realize I just lost) or just persistence. Either way, Courtney wasn’t gonna let her get away with it…

Courtney- another elimination I didn’t like. But anyway, I think Harold picked her not just because she was in a relationship with Duncan (letting romance trump over the game, that’s why I put desire) but because she was bossy to him previously. Otherwise idk why he’d not just pick Duncan off.

Harold- Heather’s Boobs. (There’s actually an uncensored vid of that out wtf) But yeah basically he let lust/distraction by boobies get the best of him.

Eva-Both times, Eva’s quick temper and anger scared the hell out of everyone else and it was goodbye to her. Not much else to explain here but I still love her haha

Trent- This one was also a little weird. He really should’ve communicated with Gwen rather than just be angry with her, been more trusting to her rather than Heather, and they would’ve ended the whole mishap. So he was too prideful to be willing to talk to someone who just (supposedly) lied to him. And he was too weak-willed to just push Heather’s kiss away right away, apparently.

Bridgette- her clumsiness and not realizing she was dragging around all that junk the whole ep caused her to lose the challenge, and then Duncan and the guys’ alliance voted her out for being too “friendly”.

Lindsay- Her willingness to comply with Heather’s obviously one sided plan , being too friendly and nice, got her out. Her elimination totally went against that, though, and you have to admit was pretty badass :) It was also somewhat chris’s fault because the others had wiped out and he still counted her as last, but he did leave on the boat of losers with her, so…?

DJ- quite simply, he was overly terrified of the serial killer. Poor DJ! He’s a qt. Even if he was mean to Harold >:(

Izzy- The first time, her impulsivity and just general craziness with the bomb got her (supposedly?) voted off, and you can say the same for whatever she did to piss off the RCMP. The second time it was more imprecision, just randomly tranquilizing everybody

Geoff-similar to Bridgette, it was actually Geoff’s friendliness that specifically got him voted off; even Heather was afraid of him! Guess he had to go sometime but ah well.

Leshawna- Again this one was a little weird, but because she was friendly and everyone knew her, her name kept getting mentioned. At least all the friendly people left later on!

Duncan- Should’ve paid more attention when Heather “snuggled up” to him. Wasn’t being careful enough. Also, his disrespectful attitude to Chef contributed here.

Heather- was too busy worrying about her hair to just take it and win the challenge, so that was her downfall in the end. And it was pretty glorious.

Gwen (In Owen’s ending)- If she cared enough, she probably could’ve passed up Owen!! She’s a tiny skinny little thing and Owen’s a fatty. If she really tried and cared more about winning than Owen did about food, she could’ve won.

Owen (In Gwen’s ending)- Here, Izzy stood before the finish line with the brownies, so Owen only went as far as the brownies were, and cared more about food than winning and lost. (like he should’ve gotten in If you can’t take the heat *cough*)

Well that was fun :D I think I'll so this for all the seasons eventually...

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