I like to read through the blogs and edits and talk sections on here, and something I've noticed for some reason really bugs me.

Why do people "debate" about who is a "terrible writer" and who is the "best writer" of the show? People seem to have a particular hatred for Laurie Elliot. Lol, if that's honestly what you're paying attention to when you watch Total Drama, I doubt you're enjoying it much. Out of curiousity, I checked who wrote my top 10 favorite episodes, and it varied , honestly, no real pattern or particular writer who wrote the most.

When I think a character is acting weird (Duncan in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition XD) I think , 'Wow, Duncan is acting weird, being all nice and paranoid and junk' not, 'Wow, interesting but offbeat character development by *insert writer here* !! Truly foreshadowed by his devotion to Gwen in previous episodes and reinforced by his acceptance of the apple from Zoey! Could this be a biblical allusion to Adam and Eve? ' Like, really? I love this show to death but I take no pleasure in looking that far into it. 

And the whole "protagonist/antagonist" debates drive me crazy. Really? This is a competition that everyone (except maybe DJ) wants to win. The way I see it, everyone is an "antagonist," as all want to beat each other and win the money, but some are more manipulative than others. When people are like "omg! main antagonist of season _! omg! Who's the best antagonist? Who was a better antagonist? Wow, they really got their revenge for being an antagonist!" I just facepalm.

I guess it bothers me when people treat enjoyable TV as an analytical literature assignment, and English is actually my favorite subject ._.

Even though this episode wasn't as good as the last, I was so happy when Duncan FINALLY revealed where he knew "Mal" from!! I knew it was from Juvie!

If even Duncan is scared of him...That's saying something. (even if he IS acting all nice) Mal, keep it up and keep it hidden and beat Zoey in the finale!!! >:O (That or Courtney, I really hope those 3 get to the final 3 together!!!) And now I reallllllly wanna see if Duncan will tell the others, though I hope he won't, just for the sake of Mike staying on the show. And since Duncan's on the goody-goody team now and being nice to everyone, he probably won't get voted off for a while....Unless Mal has something to say about that >:D

And since I figured they just murdered all the dangerous mutated animals by way of controlled forest fire or explosion, I was surprised to see that they were just relocated and sealed off on Boney Island. Did anyone else notice this entrance here during exile? Did anyone attempt to go in it...? Things I wonder...

I have mixed feelings about Heather being flushed, due to my love/hate feelings toward her. But agh, she was just being so stupid in this episode!!! You TOLD Alejandro that you found the statue!? And TOLD HIM YOU DIDN'T HAVE IT ON YOU?! (yeah, he saw it anyway, but she didn't know that!) You HID IT AND EXPECTED IT TO BE THERE LATER?!?! You do realize that you have pockets? Maybe it'll be noticeable, or won't fit in your booty shorts. Ok. You do realize that you're a girl? With boobs? And a bra? (?) There are plenty of ways to keep that statue hidden, besides just leaving it behind a rock! *facepalm* And then when you realized it was gone, you still voted for Alejandro, the only one who for sure knew you hid it. (Though I don't blame her for thinking Chris would be so evil as to steal it back....) You're smarter than that, Heather, smarter than that T_T But I guess it just proves that she's trusting him a little too much ;) On a side note, that "pretty little head" snippet was so cuuuuuute X3 

Yeah, Duncan, I'm sure you had to fight off a huge poisonous monster-bear for that itty-bitty-tiny egg, Lol.

Cameron's weakness proves to be the Villians' downfall. If only he would've caught the egg...The way I see it, he should've been the one voted off, but Gwen and Courtney's re-growing friendship and Scott and Courtney's soon-to-be relationship ruined that xP

And the best part of the episode by far...




PLANT (or would that be considered masturbation of some form...?)

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I saw it in the episode preview last week but I still rotlfmao'ed when I saw it on TV. Poor Chris is so lonely. So evil, no girl will go out with him, so he has to resort to plants. I will never look at that photo album in The Enchanted Franken-forest the same way again.

Why did Mal choose to go to Boney Island? Chris never said there was gonna be another immunity statue or that he was putting Alejandro's back, so I don't see his purpose in volunteering. He won't get to break other people's stuff over there D: But I guess we'll see next week.

I wanna know Zoey's prize!! The Mike tension is killing me!!!! Can't wait for next ep!!!! ~Izzybellazee

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