The season is truly getting started!!!! :'D

I knew about 4 minutes in that I was going to love this episode. Definitely on my top 5 favorites list along with One Million Bucks, B.C. , Slap Slap Revolution, Greece's Pieces, Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island...

I'm pretty sure I scared everyone in my house because I was squealing like a pig the entire time I was watching it, fangirling, and rewinding and taking pictures on the TV screen. I even ended up buying the ridiculously priced but sexy HD version on iTunes just so I can screencap and watch on my laptop :D (Which better stop lagging like RIGHT NOW cuz I paid $3 for that)



Gwen doesn't seem to be amused by the night challenge, which was a bit of a surprise considering her, um, apparent dislike of sunniness -_-

The Malevolent One pretends to be Mike :0 That was interesting! And Duncan still can't remember where he knows Mike from, which is driving me crazy so I use fanfiction as my outlet :) And he calls Mike bug-eyed , which I'd happen to agree with...His eyes creep me out lol

When I saw Nice Heather's eyes I just burst out laughing XD Watching her act all excessively peppy and kind and prance around was both really amusing and really weird, to say the least. And seeing how it bothered Alejandro... Lol!

And everyone's reactions o_o (Scott held onto Courtney!!!!! I'm more of a Duncan/Courtney person but I think they are pretty cute too. Just goes to show how Courtney pretty much has a bad-boy complex now lol)

And then Scott gets "taken down by a gang of bunnies" making me realize that he gets chased by animals a lot, doesn't he?? They must sense his evil :| I think I read something on Chris's article about the animals injuring him a lot as well...

Cameron seems to be continuing as the Cody replacement. Personally , idk I guess I think like Heather here, shouldn't they be kind of happy that she's pretty much helping them every single time they get injured and bringing them further along in the game?? I highly doubt Cody would have gotten so far in TDWT without Sierra helping him every step of the way. She also exhibits her basket-weaving skills again and makes Cameron a baby backpack, Lol

"Back home we have a special way to cross these bridges....Ahem." (Screams maniacally and sprints across bridge in terror) ....I love this show so much.

Awww, that little move where Heather faked being nice and falling off and was like "I knew you still cared!" Such an adorable evil couple :')

When Duncan asked Gwen so excitedly what Courtney had said about him, I about passed out. ALL MY GREATEST DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE, ALL THAT FANFICTION I'VE BEEN READING TO CONVINCE MYSELF THAT GWUNCAN WOULD NEVER WORK OUT AND THAT DEEP DOWN DUNCAN STILL LIKED HER FANATTACK FANATTACK FANATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates* And then he starts twitching in the confessional thinking of Scott and Courtney together. I CANNOT wait to see how this goes down >;)

You  know, I'd been wondering why Duncan was being so showy in how often he gave Gwen those "cute" little cheek kisses and saving her, way more often than he did Courtney. But when he reveals that it was just to make her jealous, and Gwen BREAKS UP WITH HIM....




  • Heavenly choir* I can now die in peace. O:) YESYESYESYESYESYES I didn't see it coming but now that it happened LIFE IS SO GOOD!!!!!! Please , for all that is good, I hope they do not get back ever. (Why am I thinking of Taylor Swift now)

I was glad that Cameron got switched (though I could not see him lasting very long with the villians ._.") because I knew that if they voted, Mike would probably have gotten voted out, and that would have been no fun. I'm sorta rooting for him to win this season!! And didn't something similar happen with Brick in TDROTI?

All in all, epic ep :))))))) I am impressed!!!! Best this season!!!!

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