For my 100th edit I'm gonna review the 100th episode, Yayyyyy ^_^

Well honestly, my reviews are mostly just me praising the episodes I love, but anyway... Although I wish everyone were here for the 100th episode , I thought this was really good,especially in the beginning!!

First we see Alejandro talking on about himself in the jacuzzi and how he's going to win (yeah ok) and the butler shows some sass and walks away when Alejandro tries to talk to him, hehe.

And then Chris is all like "I lost everything in that explosion...including my swim trunks" and walks in with Alejandro...



  • may or may not have cartoon-crush on Chris* hehehehehehehe

So then Alejandro quickly finds the monitor room in the hotel, and a DVD of Mal's evil deeds ._. And then he takes it with him, leaving me to wonder if that'll show up again later and he'll reveal it to everyone. But dang it I still want Mike in the finale so you better break the disk or something Mal!!!! :O

So then Cameron gets all paranoid and can't trust anyone and he's like "I'm the new Lightning!!!! Sha....Something!!!!!" Lolololol....

Zoey still trusts Mike, apparently, despite his dark undereye circles and suspicious activity. Getting the feeling that won't end well. And for some reason Cameron isn't suspecting Scott in the least. Speaking of Scott,in the morning he then falls and lands on his chest, and rubs the back of his head in pain (?) and then Courtney trips and then they KISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeals pig-like* And then Courtney tries to deny it and makes the same squealing sound I did, and then Scott asks her out and it's just so cuuuuuuute ^_^

And then apparently the "library" is the monitor room, and Chris gets kidnapped by Zeek (Zeke?) and Cameron is surprisingly hostile to only Gwen and Chef gets so worried (aww bromance) and then they all go off to RESCUE CHRIS!!!

Even though last episode Courtney was all "Scott's cool but you're like my best friend eveeeeeeeeeer" and they were all "Let's never let guys get in the way of our friendship again!" Courtney willingly chooses Scott over her. "Love can do funny things," as you once said, huh Courtney :|

And then everyone completely rejects Gwen , which as a Gwen-disliker makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Ladies first! Or is that wrong cuz this is dangerous? Or is that wrong cuz this is the 21st century? Or is it the 22nd?!"

Scott quotes are glorious. That’s my new favorite along with "Ahhhh...Smells like home" and "Back home we have a special way to cross these bridges.....AGHAHGHGHGHGG"

And theeeeeen Gwen, the tough, hardcore Goth who knows everything about horror movies and darkness or whatever is running around in circles whining because she can't go underground (awww poor you) and then she falls in... Am I remembering a Gwen quote here? Oh yeah! "Ahhhh....Sometimes the universe just gives you a freebie."

Is it just me or is Alejandro speaking more Spanish than usual? hm. And I don't know what happened with Mike and Alejandro's alliance. Shouldn't he be walking with them?? Is it a secret alliance? Help me out here.

And then Chris is like "Hardy har har" reminding me of Har Har Tharsdays on Cartoon Network, when I was a wee 13 year old in 2008 watching Total Drama Island at 9:00 on Thursday nights ....*sniffle* GOOD TIMES

Omg I love how the intern signs off to commercial break XD

Aw, Gwen and Zoey make cute friends. Too bad they were on different teams. Soon Zoey disappears and Gwen cowers in the confessional toilet on her side (Time to make a beautiful .gif) And then Chef manages to do the same thing, against causing many Lol's from myself. Scott is as incapable of complimenting Courtney as Duncan, and Courtney's eye swells up from the flashlight kinda like it did when a bug bit her in the second TDI episode (100th ep you make me so nostalgic!!!!) Soon everyone falls down and Mike forces Cameron to kiss Courtney!!! Wow, that was weird. If you ask me, Cameron looked a little happy there, haha.

Oh Mike, your arms are just as nerdy and noodly as Cameron's. How you have a six pack is beyond me.

And then Chef charges in just as Chris is about to fall and everyone cheers; and they all get into a spaghetti-bazooka fight culminating in Chris being safe, Cameron crushed by rocks (by Ezekiel's...puke?) and Ezekiel's escape.

And the winner is Gwen, who spent the vast majority of the time moping, whining, and being terrified...Oh- and wanting to leave Chris and escape the mine even when Cameron found her and was willing to help, and shooting Ezekiel , who escaped seconds later. And she gets the Hotel all to herself (and Chris...?) and the honor of having "saved all of us." And sends away Alejandro, because THAT WENT SO WELL LAST TIME.



And she says it so proudly, too!! "Ale-jandro! Hmph, look at me I'm just so clever, even though Alejandro not only found got statue last time but also charmed all of the animals into not hurting him a bit and I'm probably just jealous because he wouldn't team up with me!"

Why does everyone like this chick so much? Both in the show AND in the audience. She's just....bleh.

Cameron gets the flush-away, which is a little sad , especially how Mal freaks the poor guy out, but let's face it, he got pretty far in the game both seasons, especially considering his weakness.

I wanna see what Alejandro will do with his newfound knowledge of Mike and what's up with their alliance!! And I wanna see Scott and Courtney try to work things out!!!! can't wait til next ep~ :D

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