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    Since I have no life to speak of , here’s a reference list I made of which personality traits were the reason each character got voted off in TDI (reasons underneath…Maybe someone out there would find this useful? Idk I use it for fanfiction to get in character):

    Ezekiel- Chauvinism/ ignorance/ social awkwardness

    Noah- Laziness/ uncooperative

    Justin- lack thereof

    Katie- absentmindedness/ lack of focus

    Tyler- fearfulness/ cowardice




    Courtney-bossiness/desire (?? iffy on this one)


    Eva-vengefulness/ quick-tempered/ irritability (both times)

    Trent- weak-willed/prideful (also iffy)



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    For my 100th edit I'm gonna review the 100th episode, Yayyyyy ^_^

    Well honestly, my reviews are mostly just me praising the episodes I love, but anyway... Although I wish everyone were here for the 100th episode , I thought this was really good,especially in the beginning!!

    First we see Alejandro talking on about himself in the jacuzzi and how he's going to win (yeah ok) and the butler shows some sass and walks away when Alejandro tries to talk to him, hehe.

    And then Chris is all like "I lost everything in that explosion...including my swim trunks" and walks in with Alejandro...



    • may or may not have cartoon-crush on Chris* hehehehehehehe

    So then Alejandro quickly finds the monitor room in the hotel, and a DVD of Mal's evil deeds ._. And th…

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    Something I don't get

    October 16, 2013 by Izzybellazee

    I like to read through the blogs and edits and talk sections on here, and something I've noticed for some reason really bugs me.

    Why do people "debate" about who is a "terrible writer" and who is the "best writer" of the show? People seem to have a particular hatred for Laurie Elliot. Lol, if that's honestly what you're paying attention to when you watch Total Drama, I doubt you're enjoying it much. Out of curiousity, I checked who wrote my top 10 favorite episodes, and it varied , honestly, no real pattern or particular writer who wrote the most.

    When I think a character is acting weird (Duncan in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition XD) I think , 'Wow, Duncan is acting weird, being all nice and paranoid and junk' not, 'Wow, interesting b…

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    October 9, 2013 by Izzybellazee


    The season is truly getting started!!!! :'D

    I knew about 4 minutes in that I was going to love this episode. Definitely on my top 5 favorites list along with One Million Bucks, B.C. , Slap Slap Revolution, Greece's Pieces, Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island...

    I'm pretty sure I scared everyone in my house because I was squealing like a pig the entire time I was watching it, fangirling, and rewinding and taking pictures on the TV screen. I even ended up buying the ridiculously priced but sexy HD version on iTunes just so I can screencap and watch on my laptop :D (Which better stop lagging like RIGHT NOW cuz I paid $3 for that)



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