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    Best Quotes

    October 8, 2014 by IzzyLindsayAlejandro

    Hello, HolĂ , Bonjour! 

    I have taken notice that there was no blog about this so I am making one now.This is a blog about the quotes of the show. In 5 seasons, there was a lot of characters and that means overall, lot of quotes coming from those characters! My question is...what re your favorite quotes on the show? It doesn't have to be related to any particular character or a season, just so you know.

    Here some of mine:

    Izzy : " You'll never get me me alive!" ( TDI)

    Lindsay: " I love musicals, especially the ones with singing and dancing." (TDI)

    Noah's line in "Come Fly With Us" (TDWT)

    Alejandro in " Wake Up" : " Loser is what the lion called you when, you couldn't find your balls." ( TDWT)

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