Hello, everyone, it's IzzyK! Does anyone even remember me? TT__TT A lot of things have happened since I was last here. I've become addicted to anime and Adventure Time, I've started high school and I'm currently pursuing the love of my life (so far). A year or so before this time, I have started to drift apart from Total Drama. And I mean WAAAAAY apart. Even though I still love the first season and I still have fond memories of this wiki and the people I've met here, I've grown to dislike the later seasons and some of the fanbase. I'm sorry if that might upset you guys, but that's how I feel. My tastes have changed. So think of this as my goodbye. But I am having my last hurrah in a BIG way!

It has come to my attention that the Total Drama Wiki is having its 5th birthday, I've already had my 4th for being on this site, and it's about to be 3 years since I won second place on Christian Potenza's biggest Total Drama fan contest. I'm not very proud of my prizes anymore, but I thought I could probably make some good money off of them and make another fan extremely happy.

So, I decided that at some point before the Wiki's big anniversary, I'm going to sell all of my Total Drama stuff on eBay(except for the stuff signed to me specifically). I know most of the people on here won't be able to bid high enough, but I'm sure your parents can help you and the older fans can bid no problem. When I put the stuff on there, I'll update this post with a link to the auction, some info on the stuff I'm selling, starting price, shipping and what not. And once it's all sold, I'll be gone, I request I have all my blog posts but this one deleted and I'll have a proper goodbye ready. See ya then! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (I'll answer an inevitable one now. No, I will probably never finish my fanfictions TT__TT) I also need some advice because this'll be the first time I've sold stuff online. If anyone on here has sold stuff on eBay, tell me how it works so this whole process can go smoothly.

UPDATE: I'm not sure when I'm gonna put all of this on eBay, but he's a list of the items I'll be selling:

A M-ish sky blue TDA T-shirt

An XL black TDWT T-shirt

A Teletoon drinking bottle with Chris and Chef and other Teletoon characters

4 sets of Teletoon stickers with the cast of TDWT and other Teletoon characters

3 TDWT pins of Chris, pilot Chef, and the Panda

2 Total Drama postcards (with frames)signed by Chris McLean himself, Christian Potenza!

I'll be selling all of this and possibly more(there's suppose to be another signed postcard and 2 signed posters. I'm looking for them at the moment) together at some point before the Wiki's anniversary. I will update when I put the auction up.

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