Anime, Japanese Animation, or Japanimation, whatever you want to call it, anime is awesome. Anime is animation made in Japan. The way you can distinguish american animation from anime is that the characters had really big eyes, had unusually ways to show emotionm(such as a teardrop for embaressment), and great action. Since anime is so big, I decided to make the Top 12 Greatest Anime Ever. Why Top 12? Because 12 is three times bigger as 9. So, get your sushi and rice bcause this is The Top 12 Greatest Anime Ever!

Number 12 Fullmetal Alchemist

Number 11 Gundam

Number 10 Robotech

Number 9 Death Note

Number 8 Pokemon

Number 7 Naruto

Number 6 Battle of the Planets

Number 5 Astro Boy

Number 4 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Number 3 Speed Racer

Number 2 Dragon Ball Z

And the number 1 Greatest Anime is...


Combining sci-fi, and great action, as well as a kickass theme song, this truly is THE Greatest Anime of all time.

Next time, I'm making a blog for all my Top Lists! And the next top list is the Top Hannah Barbera shows!

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