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Top 11 Greatest Hanna Barbera Cartoons

Where would Cartoon Network be today without Hanna Barbera? CN used to play their cartoons 24/7 until they decided to make original cartoons. Although the animation in Hanna Barbera was cheap, their cartoons were unforgettable and memorable. Which is why I'm making The Top 11 Greatest Hanna Barbera Cartoons. Why Top 11? Because you need to see Spinal Tap.

Number 11 Top Cat

Number 10 Josie and the Pussycats

Number 9 The Huckleberry Hound Show

Number 8 The Smurfs

Number 7 Yogi Bear

Number 6 SuperFriends


Number 4 The Jetsons

Number 3 Tom and Jerry

Number 2 The Flintstones

And the number 1 Greatest Hanna Barbera Cartoon is...


Despite Scooby and Shaggy being obvious druggies, they launched into stardom, and are still starring in cartoons today. Which is why Scooby Doo, Where Are You! is the Greatest Hanna Barbera Cartoon!

The Top 14 Greatest Animated Primetime Shows!

For those of you who don't know what primetime is, it's pretty much shows that air late at night. And there were a lot of cartoons that were primetime. Just so you know, ALL of the primetime cartoons were aimed at adults. A lot of them are classics too. In fact, my number one pick is considered one of(if not the)greatest animated tv show of all time. Now, I won't be including Adult Swim cartoons. They'll be on a separate list. Anyway, here's the Top 14 Greatest Animated Primetime Shows. Why top 14? Because, 14 is 4 + 10!

Number 14 Afro Samurai

Number 13 Clerks

Number 12 Liquid Televison (not exactly animated, but it had a lot of animated segments)

Number 11 The Maxx

Number 10 Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Number 9 Duckman

Number 8 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

Number 7 The Critic

Number 6 Futurama

Number 5 Bevis and Butt-head

Number 4 King of the Hill

Number 3 South Park

Number 2 Family Guy

and the number 1 Greatest Animated Primetime Show is...


Being the longest running animated series, the longest running sitcom overall, and possibly the greatest animated series ever, it's no wonder that THIS is the Greatest Animated Primetime Show!

The Top 18 Greatest Animated Superhero Shows

Superheros sure are awesome, aren't they? When Hollywood tries to make a movie out of them, they're usually good, but what's better then the movies is the animated series based of the comics! Which is why I'm making the Top 18 Greatest Animated Superhero Shows. Why Top 18? Because I won't be explaining the unusual numbers I use anymore. Now this is not only actual superheros from comics who got their own series, this is also tv orignal superheros like the Powerpuff Girls or Underdog. Anyway, here they are...the Top 18 Greatest Animated Superhero Shows!

Number 18 Darkwing Duck

Number 17 Underdog

Number 16 Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Number 15 The Powerpuff Girls

Number 14 Freakazoid

Number 13 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Number 12 Teen Titans

Number 11 SuperFriends

Number 10 Batman Beyond

Number 9 Spider-Man (1994)

Number 8 Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Number 7 The Maxx

Number 6 The Spectacular Spider-Man (Okay, I promise that's the last Spider-Man show. There's just so many good ones.)

Number 5 Justice League Unlimited

Number 4 Superman:The Animated Series

Number 3 The Tick

Number 2 X-Men

and the number 1 Greatest Animated Superhero Show is...


Having great animation, perfectly combining the comic books, Batman movies, and that old, campy Batman tv show together, as well as being possibly the best thing with Batman's name on it (except for The Dark Knight, but that doesn't have his exact name in it), this is definatly the Greatest Animated Superhero Show!

The Top 9 Greatest Old Classic Cartoons

For those of you who don't know, "Old Classic" cartoons means those great cartoons that played in theaters between the years of 1919-1969. They were hilarious, had great animation, and of course had great characters. Which is why I'm making a list of the Top 9 Greatest Old Classic Cartoons. Here they are...

Number 9 Mighty Mouse

Number 8 Felix the Cat

Number 7 Woody Woodpecker

Number 6 Betty Boop

Number 5 Popeye

Number 4 Tom and Jerry

Number 3 The Pink Panther(I count the old Pink Panther movies as a theatrical Pink Panther cartoon)

Number 2 Mickey Mouse and Friends

And the number 1 Greatest Old Classic Cartoon is...

...LOONEY TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!

What else can I say? Looney Tunes is a masterpiece. It has all those great characteristics I mentioned above. Because of the it's awesomeness, I crown Looney Tunes as the Greatest Old Classic Cartoon.

Animated "Kid's Movies" That Proves Animation is Not Always For Kids

Hey guys, IzzyK here. Today, I have something special for you. I wouldn't consider this a top list, but if I posted this on a normal blog, a lot of you would freak out. Anyway, I read a review of a certain animated movie called Up. A lot of you probably saw Up. I bet a lot of you thought it was fantastic! A lot of people did find it fantastic. So much so, it was one of the only animated films nominated for Best Picture. Well, the person's review unfortunatly hated it. He has the right to believe in whatever he wants, but HOW CAN YOU HATE A PIXAR MOVIE! He said and I quote "This movie is animation is pure childish crap. It would never work in live-action so it sucks". Up appealed to children AND adults. Why the heck did you think it was nominated for Best Picture, the money it earned? Well, that might be the case for Avatar. I hate it when people say that animation is just for kids. Have they ever watced South Park or anime such as Evangelion? Those are made for adults. But, I wanted to make a list of quote un-quote "kid's movies" that aren't for kids at all. A lot of these movies you've likly never heard of, but I highly reccomend checking them out. I will give you a list of animated movies labeled as kids movies in the countries they're made in, the ratings they got, describe the scene that should prove that it's not a kid's movie, and give a link to the scene if I can find it. If I do find one then I will give you this warning. The scenes have images of grapic violence or very disturbing materiel. Watch them at your own risk. A few of these might give you nightmares. You have been warned.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This in considered one of Disney's darkest. The source materiel is very dark, but had to be toned down. They didn't tone it down enough. This movie was rated G and is the the first animated movie to use the word "damn". Not in the vulgar way, but still. Plus, it talks about very deep religious stuff. The scene in partictular that makes it a movie not for kids was the villan song "Hellfire". The main villian is Frollo, an extremely religious catholic priest. He is falling for the gypsy "Esmerlda". He hates gypsies, but he has a lust for her. He mentions in the song that if she doesn't "do it" with him,he will burn her at the stake. Don't belief me? Watch this. That just screams kid's movie, doesn't it?

The Black Caldron

The movie mentioned above is nothing compared to another one of(if not the)darkest Disney movie's. It's the first Disney film to get a PG rating. What does that make you think? It's pretty dark, but the original version was much MUCH worse. They has to cut A LOT of footage to prevent the movie from getting a PG-13 and even an R rating. I found a rare picture(or a video of the picture)of a deleted scene of the movie of a man disolving into mist. It's not pretty! There was also originally supposed to be FEMALE NUDITY, but the image of this has not been found. If I did find it, I would not dare put it here!

The Plague Dogs

I bet a lot of you love an own dogs. Once you see this movie, you'll want to hug your dog and never let go. This movie is U in the UK(that's PG for them). The movie is about two dogs who are tested in an animal research ficility. Going through horrible tests like seeing how long a dog can swim before it drowns. They LET THE DOG DROWN! He survives, don't worry. The two dogs manage to escape and they try to find the new owners. One of the dogs finds a man who is friendly. The man gives the command the the dog to come to him and jump in his arms. The man is a hunter and he has the gun standing up in front of his face and it's loaded. While the dogs jumps in his arms, his foot accidently hits the trigger and SHOOTS HIM IN THE FACE! I don't want to spoil anything else, but trust me, you'll want to hug your dog after watching!

Watership Down

This movie is made by the people who made the movie above, but it's more well known and more violent. It's U in the UK, but it's rating has changed constently. This movie is about fluffy little bunnies! I bet you think bunnies live happy lives! Running around open fields's and jumping, eating carrots, and wiggling their fluffy tails. They attracted hunters, but they always manage to run away. I bet you think bunnies are the most friendly, fun-loving, cutest little creatures in the world, huh? THINK AGAIN! Watch this scene! Skip to about 6:42, and you can see that bunnies don't live happy lifestyles. They have to fight to live you know. And it's very bloody! It makes all those fluffy little bunnies you see in the pet store look like FREAKING MONSTERS!


This one is kinda like Plague Dogs except with cats, and there's a murder mystery. It's kind of a film noir animated movie. It also has much more violence. It's German rating is 12, which is PG-13 for them. There are three scenes in the movie that areprett violent. A villian finds out his pregnant wife has been murdered. Once he finds her body, she has a giant hole in her stomach and his unborn kitten are all over the ground. And in this one, the main charcter fights the villian. There is blood EVERYWHERE! The hero wins by swiping his claws over the villians stomach and his entrails fall out. And in another, there is...well let's just say the two cat's do someting naughty.

Grave of the Fireflies

This anime takes place in World War II Japan. I forgot the rating, but it should be higher then what it was. This movie, like Up, is also proof that animated movies can make you cry like a baby! I don't even want to show a clip, because it will spoiler everything. Let's just say it's one of the saddest movies ever made!

Barefoot Gen

HOLY FRICKING CRAP! This one, also like Up and GOTF, is an animated movie that makes you cry. This movie is about a boy who survied the bombing of Hiroshima. I'll give you a link to the scene, but...THIS IS EXTREMLY VIOLENT! This one will give you nightmares. Imagine the worst way you can die, and this would be worse than any image that comes to your mind. It's based on a true story, BTW, so this isn't just what a person though it would look like, this is how it really happened. It's probably one of the most disturbing things ever drawn on paper, and probably the most accurat picture of what the bombing of Hiroshima was like to inocennt humanity, and it's an animated movie. No live action movie could capture it! Once again, I forgot the rating, but this is proof that animation is not always for kids. I wouldn't reccomend clicking on the link, but try it if you dare.

If you want to watch these movies, they're all avaibile on youtube. They're all severly under-rated movies, and I'd check them out of you're over the ages thirteen to nineteen. After seeing those scenes above, would you say that animation is only for kids? I wouldn't. It can be for kids, adults, or both. Total Drama can be watched by eveyone, Up can be watched by eveyone, and even Care Bears can be for everyone! Well, maybe not Care Bears, but you get my point! I hope you enjoyed this Top List even though I didn't countdown.

Coming soon...Top Animated Nickelodeon Shows...and the Top Animated Adult Swim Shows

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