I'm depressed. Tonight they played the final episode of Chowder. Chowder was a great show, and CARTOON NETWORK IS CANCELING IT! CN must be run my money obsessed producers who don't know a good thing when they see it. They cancelled so many great shows, and kept in REALITY SHOWS and Johnny Test(which is a horrible show in my opinion.) But, we remember the great shows they had in the past. So, I decided to make a list od The Top 9 Greatest Cartoon Network Shows. Why top 9? Because Trent would approve. Now I'm not including Adult Swim, or Hannah-Barbera shows because they aren't CN shows. Adult Swim and Hannah Barbera had great shows, but Adult Swim is CN's older cousin, and Hannah-Barbera is the Mom and Dad of CN, so they won't count. I also won't include TDI, because it's not a CN show, or Chowder, because it's a little early. But, I would put this at number 1. I won't include Class of 3000 either, because not a lot of people watched that, but I would put it at number 2. Anyway, here are the Top 9 Greatest CN Shows of all-time.

Number 9 Star Wars:The Clone Wars

A lot of you might be thinking this isn't one of the old classic CN shows, but this is becoming a classic to many. It's a pretty epic show. This is all I can say, considering I've only seen three episodes. Factoid:Star Wars:The Clone Wars is based off a computer animated movie that took place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Critics hated the movie, but once they made a show out of it, crtics changed their minds.

Number 8 Star Wars:Clone Wars

Not to be confused with the #9 slot with an added "the". The difference was not only it didn't have a "the", but it was made with more traditional animation. It gave us all the Star Wars characters we loved plus a bunch of new ones. Many people, like me, consider this to be better then the Star Wars prequels they made between the years of 1999 through 2005. This show had great animation, great action scenes, and a great cast. Factoid:The first season episodes were five minute shorts, but in the later seasons, it expanded to thirty minutes.

Number 7 Justice League Unlimited

This show was EPIC. It had all our favorite superheros, plus a bunch of obscure ones, fighting crime in an expanded Justice League. I loved this show, because of it's action and humor. But, I'd have to say my favorite episode is when they're all turned into children. I don't know why. They also had probably the greatest theme song in the history of CN. Listen to it! If you didn't think that theme song was epic, you don't know epicness when you hear it! Factoid:This show had 72 superheros in one episode.

Number 6 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

This show was hilarious. It's surreal humor, wacky characters, and odd premise, this show was awesome. It had unforgettable characters like Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, CoCo, and, of course, Cheese. This and Chowder are definatly the funniest shows to ever play on this channel. Factoid:The creator of the show got the idea from adopting a dog from the pound and thinking what it would be like if there was a pound for unwanted imaginary friends.

Number 5 Teen Titans

A lot of readers of the old TT comics complain that this shoe was like a childish American anime. To me, that's what made the show so funny. Unlike the origianl comic, the Teen Titans were young adults who just grew out of the teen phase, but in the show, they actually are teens. This show was pretty sad in one episode, in fact, it made me cry. The show varied in tone. Sometimes it was realy funny, and sometimes it was really scary. Very cool show. Factoid:If the theme song is in English, it means the episode is serious, but if the theme song is in Japanese, the episode will be silly.

Number 4 Johnny Bravo

This is my favorite out of all the ones on the list, but this is a mix between my opinions and the critics. Anyway, Johnny Bravo was a really funny show. This really muscular, over-the-top, Elvis impersonator who hits on girls and then gets beaten up everytime. Johnny Bravo is the male version of dumb blonde, so he never knows the right things to say to a woman. The animation wasn't great, but the writing and comedic timing sure was. The shows also well know for having an actually celebrety as a supporting character. They got Donny Osmand to be in it! They also had Mr. T in one episode. That's pretty cool. All in all, great show. Factoid: Johnny Bravo once hosted a talk show on Fridays, but it was cancelled in less then a year.

Number 3 Dexter's Laboratory

This is CN's very first original cartoon, and boy, was it great. This show was good, because it made kids think they were smarter then their parents. Dexter was a boy geneius who built a giant labratory hidden by a bookcase. Even though Dee-Dee wasn't the brightest star in the sky, she was somehow able to figure out how to get into the lab and dextroy everything leaving the door wide open for his parents to see, and their parents don't even notice. THEY HAVE REALLY STUPID PARENTS! How can't you see a giant lab in his room? They were so naive. I also really liked Mandark. You know, that evil boy that had that laugh. Ha-Ha-Ha. Ha-Ha-HA-Ha-ha. This show was really weird, but it was awesome Factoid:There is a lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory where Dexter and Dee-Dee are cloned into versions of themselves that curse like sailors and due other obscene stuff, but it was only shown in film festivals. No one ever got it on tape.

Number 2 The Powerpuff Girls

This show was cute. Three mutant kindnergarden girls fighting crime. Made of sugar, spice, everything nice, and an accidental dose of Chemical X, they were born with super powers, and fought the evil Mojo Jojo. I thought Mojo Jojo was the best part of the show. Such an over-the-top villian. Always wanted thing to go his way. I thought he was awesome until I saw the PPG movie. He freaking gave me nightmares. This show is still popular today, and the show recently ended in a tenth aniversery episode. It was a grreat way to end a great show. Factoid:The Powerpuff Girls were originally made out of sugar, spice, everything nice, and an accidental dose of a can of whoopass. I'm not lying. They were going to be called the Whoopass Girls, but they changed it to appeal to children.

And the number 1 Greatest Cartoon Network Show is...


Talk about epic. A lot of the shows above had action, humor, great animation, but none of them were like this. CN was able to mix action, humor, great animation, great story, and a epic scope all into one thirty minute cartoon. It had a great main character, a great villian, great supporting cast. GREAT EVERTHING! This show was completely flawless. It actually seemed more like a movie then a series. It began and ended in really epic ways. Which is why Samurai Jack is my pic for the Greastest Cartoon Network Show of All Time. Factoid: A movie was going to be made out of this, but it was cancelled to to the box office failure of The PPG Movie.

I hoped you enjoyed this list. If you want me to, I'll continue making list of the great animated shows. Greatest Anime, Greatest Adult Swim, Greatst Nickolodeon, Greatest Adult Swim, Greatest Teletoon, Greatest everything I can think of. It's all up to you. Should I do more of these or not?

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