Man. I must be like the entertainment news or something. I just finished watching the Grammys, and being in the a music fan I have to watch it ever year. The following is my opinion on the Grammys. First my opinion on the best performances and then the awards.

The first performance was the insanly awesome Lady Gaga. It was as weird as the Gaga herself. But the coolest part had to be when she sang with Elton John. If you don't know who Elton John is, he wrote the songs in The Lion King. Then Green Day performed with the cast of a American Idiot, the musical based on the Green Day album of the same name. I love Green Day and the performance was epic, but am I the only one who thought an American Idiot musical is a dumb idea? It's not as dumb as Chocolate Flavored Skittles though. Then, P!nk performed airborn. She was twirling around on a ribbon. I love P!nk, but that outfit wasn't very pleasing. Just what I needed to see...P!nks butt! Following was The Black Eyed Peas. They had the same robot stereos they had in their other performances. The more they rapped "Imma Be', the more I believed they were bees(don't make fun of me about that joke). Then, the adorable Taylor Swift performed with Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. My Mom was scolding me for not knowing who Stevie Nicks was. Hopefully you all know how I feel. Then, there was the Michael Jackson tribute in 3D. Luckily I had some 3D from my copy of Coraline so I could view the program. Performing were Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood, and Usher. Then, Bon Jovi happened. This was special because the audience could pick what song he'd perform, and everyone picked the best BJ song ever...Livin on a Prayer! Then, the greatest rappers performed together. They were Drake, Eminiem, and Li'l Wayne. I thought it was fun to count how many times they had to censor something. And they had to censored A LOT!

Now the major awards. First was Song of the Year. I'll give you a hint who it went to...Liked the song? Put a ring on it! The song is now a legend! The song is so catchy, I could sing it in my sleep. Yay Beyonce! Then, Record of the Year...Use Somebody by Kings of Leon(meh). Even though they're my home-dogs from Tennessee, I still don't think they should have won. The song was good until they ran it into the ground! Then, Best New Artist. It went to Zac Brown Band. WHY? WHY? Lady Gaga was cheated. She wasn't nominated for Best New Artist, and she debuted in 2009! What a rip-off. Thanks to my crappy cable, some idiot forgot to turn the commercials for and skipped the Album of the Year. Most of you don't have cable, so you didn't suffer this problem. I had to go on the internet and find out won Album of the Year. And that cute girl named Taylor Swift won for her album Fearless. Man, her Fairytale came true in one night. She got to perform with her idol, and she won a Grammy for Album of the Year. That's the highest honor you can get from the Grammys, or a music award overall. Yeah, the Grammys were amazing. If anyone watched, comment about your fav parts or anything involving the Grammys. Wouldn't it be awesome if they made an album out of the songs for Total Drama the Musical and it one Album of the Year? That would be the greatest day ever! Better yet, why not make Total Drama the Musical:The Musical! and when all of the Tony awards. Well, I'll see ya at the Oscars!

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