Before I begin, I'd like to say thank you to all my loyal fans. Honestly I don't think I'm that good, and you all love it! Anyway, If you're a possibly new fan, I'd read the chapters before this. I do not own TDI or the songs sung, but I do own this fanfic. Often imatated, but never duplicated.

Chris:Last time on Total Drama the Musical, the idols went to the land of the rising sun, Japan. We rented the set for Super Sushi Roll to compete in some werid challenges, Such as finding robots in an enourmous bowl of rice, rolling a Katamari, and even fighting each other on top of Mt.Fuji with exploding samurai swords! The Amazons were contstantly fighting, and Harold was making it worse be sharing with them all the facts he knows about Japan, which is what got him voted off the Chris Airline's.

Alejandro was excited to be going back to his home country, and so were Bridgette, Lindsay, and LeShawna, who has now fallen victim of his charms and evilness. Cody recently realized that Sierra was crushing on him big time, and Gwen was jealous now that she's single and looking for a new boyfriend.

Alejandro:(in the middle of a story)...And so, my uncle's only move was to tie the red cape to the refree, and the bull chased him, and chased him till the sun rose the next day. That's how my uncle became the greatest bull-fighter of our time.

LeShawna:It sounds dangerous.

Alejandro:It's very dangerous. I've seen people die on those kinds of sports. It's very hard to watch.

Chris:Hola, everyone. Get your bull-headers and red capes, because we're going to Spain! Alejandro, since your a native here, I'll allow you to visit your family for a few minutes. So, all you coreadors get ready for the drop!

Everyone got their parachutes on and dropped down. They finally landed in a the middle of a Spanish Town.

Chris:Welcome to Alejandro's home city of Granada, Spain! Okay, Alejandro, where are you're parents?

Alejandro:Follow me.

They walk through the town, looking at all the sights.

Bridgette:So, what is your family like?

Alejandro:Oh, they're like me. Attractive.

They approch a house that looks like it's owned by a wealthy person.

Alejandro:Here it is.

LeShawna:You live there?

Alejandro:Yep. I'm very rich. I bought this house with some of the money I earned from modeling.

He knocks on the door. It is then opened my two very hot people. His mom is a tan beauty with short brown hair and perfect curves. His dad was a tall, muscular man with flowing black hair and a small mustauce. His parents become wide eyed.

Alejandro's Mom:Alejandro?

Alejandro:¡Mamá! ¡Padre!

He hugs his family.

Alejandro's Dad:What are you doing here, son? I thought you were on Totalice Drama el Musical. (whispering) I thought you were getting more slaves.

Alejandro:I still am. Today we were going to Spain, so why not visit my parents. (whispering)And don't worry about the slaves, I got three. We're getting closer and closer to world domination.

Alejandro's Mom:Good work!

Chris:Okay, Alejandro, your time is up. Adios parents!(slams door in there face)Who's ready for the first challenge. There are three things the Spanish are known for:The festival of tomatoes, bullfighting, and the running of the bull. You will be doing all of that today! Which brings me to the first challenge. Each team will be fighting each other with ripe tomatoes.It's just like the festival of tomatoes, but with a twist. We have tomatoe guns, cannons, and tomatoe juice grenades. Once all the tomatoes are gone, I will pick the team who looks the messiest. Don't forget to sing when I ring the chime. The winning teams of the day gets rewarded with tickets to a local bull-fight.

Everyone looks interested about the reward.

Chris:Teams, load your weapons. GO!

And so the tomato war begins. The Saharas threw tons of tomatoes at the Amazons. Then, the Amazons shot cherry tomatoes out of little machine guns. Owen guarded his team by eating all of them in one bite. Then, the Amazons shot him in the chest with a tomato bomb from the Tomato Cannon. Izzy threw a tomato juice grenade at the Amazons, drenching them in Tomato Juice in the process. Chris rang the chime.

Killer Saharas:(singing)[| Got a black magic woman. Got a black magic woman. I got a black magic woman. Got me so blind I can't see. That she's a black magic women. She's tryin to make a devil out of me.]

Screaming Amazons:(singing)[| All my friends know the low rider. The low rider is a little higher.]

Killer Saharas:(singing)Don't turn your back on me baby. Don't turn your back on me baby.

Screaming Amazons:(singing)The low rider drives a little slower. Low rider is a real go-getter.

Chris rings the chime again. They continue creaming each other with tomatoes.


Izzy:I love the smell of tomatoes in the morning!

Owen:Me too! Especially with a grilled cheese.

Another tomato bomb heads for Owen.

Izzy:Look out!

Owen looks. He opens his mouth really wide and eats it.

Owen:Mmmmmm. Delicious.


Courtney:Fight for your country men! Or should I say women and man? War maybe hell, but it's life! Fight!

Cody fires more cherry tomato machine guns, when suddenly someone throws a tomato bomb at him in the heart. He falls to the ground with his hand on his his chest. Sierra rushes to his side.

Sierra:Cody! Cody-Bear are you all right?

Cody opens his eyes.

Cody:I see a tunnel. And it has a glowing light.

Sierra:Don't go into the light!

Cody:But it's so pretty.

Sierra:I hope your acting.

Cody:I am. I thought it be nice for the moment.

Chris:Enough! You all look pretty messy. Very red. Let's see...The Saharas have 70% of their team in tomato juice while the Amazons have 20% of their teams covered in tomato juice. The Amazons win!

Screaming Amazons:(cheering)

Chris:Now I'd like all of you to change your cloths. Seeing how red you are, I wouldn't want the bulls to kill you. The next challenge is the Running of the Bulls! We have eight bulls in that pin over there. We need your team to ride the bull into the stage for the bull-fighting challenge. Whoever gets the most bulls wins. But, first, please go change.

While everyone else goes to get a clean pair of cloths, Alejandro gets someone to speed clean his cloths.

Alejandro:(pointing to a small Spanish boy)Hey, you! Washer boy!

Washer boy: Is that you Alejandro?

Alejandro;Si. That's Señor Alejandro to you, slave! Go wash my cloths quickly and dry it fast too, or I'll get my parents to stop feeding you! Got it?

Washer boy:Si,Señor Alejandro.(rushes to the ringer.)


Alejandro:(sighs)Slaves. Can't live with them. Can't live without them. They get the job done, but are never polite!


Sorry guys. You have to read the rest of it [| here]

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