If this is you're first time reading, I'd read [| these] [| two] first. I do not own TDI, the songs sung, or the Japanese cartoon characters, Saw, or Katamari Damacey.

Chris:Last time on Total Drama the Musical, the teams were formed by the two idols who had the best singing voices. Courtney runs the Screaming Amazons, while Noah runs the Killer Saharas. Chris Airline's made it's first stop in Egypt, home of pyramids, pharohs, and two-humped camels. While the Killer Saharas are getting along pretty well, save Izzy and Alejandro, the Screaming Amazons are nearly always in an argument. Courtney and Gwen are always arguing because of Duncan, and Sierra gets along with Cody, but not vise versa. In the end, it was bad boy, Duncan to take the jump for not singing through most of the episode. I also heard that Alejandro did something while I was asleep, but for some reason, no one will tell me what! Who will go this time, will the Screaming Amazons ever get along, and when will someone tell me what Alejandro did that was so bad? Find out in this crazy episode of Total...Drama...the Musical!

(theme song)

It was a long night for everyone. Not only did they discover that Izzy was right about Alejandro being evil, and that he took the minds of Bridgette and Lindsay, but they had nightmares, waking up at the sight of Alejandro. It was now breakfast time, and everyone stayed as far away from him as possible. Well, all except Bridgette and Lindsay. It seems they stopped talking in internet slang, but they still didn't keep their eyes off of him.

Lindsay:Hey, Alejandro, what's it like in Spain?

Alejandro:You actully got the country right? I mean, sure. Every man in my country is romantic, handsome, sexy, and we always have a good time. The women are like that too. And in Spain, I'm considered the sexiest of Spainish men. Me and my family never miss a bull fight. Also,I donate all my money I earned from modeling to little children with cancer.

Lindsay and Bridgette:Awwwww. That's so sweet.


Alejandro:Okay. That last part was a lie. I'm actuly donating to a chairity that's attempting to bring slaves back. (laughs) Women will fall for anything.


LeShawna is watching from the other table with a dreaming look in her eye.

Harold:LeShawna, what are you doing?

LeShawna:Staring at Alejandro.

Harold:I thought we weren't suppossed to do that.

LeShawna:I can't stare at him for even a second?

Harold:If you stare at him to long, you'll become his slave!

LeShawna continues staring.

Harold:Fine. See if I care.


Harold:I used to care, but why should I now? I'm on a different team, and her life is none of my concern anymore. Actully I think LeShawna's better off without me anyway.


Gwen:Hey, who took the last bowl of rice?

Courtney:(with mouthful)Me.

Gwen:You've eaten almost every grain, and you won't even let your team have any!

Courtney stops Gwen, signaling she wants to swallow her food before talking. She swallows it.

Courtney:First of all, I'm the leader. Second of all, rice is good for my diet.

Gwen:Since when do you go on a diet? You're already skinny!

Courtney:What? A girl can't get a little healthy? Why don't you got wash that blue mop of hair!

Sierra:Whoah! Stop fighting. If there's anything I don't want my idols to do, is fight. Can't we just be a team? Besides, if you keep screaming, Courtney's heart might stop. She has a rare heart condition, afterall.

Courtney:How do you know I have a rare heart condition?

Sierra:I know everything about TDI and the people who wear in it, remember?

Courtney:Oh yeah? Then what's my computer screen name?


Gwen:And what's my favorite band?

Sierra:That's an easy one. The Cure.

Courtney and Gwen are extremely creeped out.

Chris:Attention all idols! We are write under our next destination.

Chef burst through the door dressed in a samurai with a sword in between his teeth.


Harold:Is that supposed to be a samurai outfit?

Chef:Yeah, why?

Harold:That looks nothing like what a samurai would wear. They would wear an iron helment and armor with a bronze deceration, and...

Chris:Information not needed. Now everyone get ready for the drop!

The floor opens under everyone. They keep falling till they land on a matress right in the middle of a Japanese forest, with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.

Harold:My dream has come true! Japan, and all it's beautiful glory! This couldn't get any better!

Chris rings the chime.

Harold:(singing)[| Now, I'm walking on the sunshine. Woah! I'm walking on the sunshine. Woah! And don't it feel good?]

Chris rings the chime again.

Chris:Welcome to Honshu, Japan! Home of Mt. Fuji, and the set for the hit Japanese game show, Super Sushi Roll!

Izzy:Super Sushi Roll? You mean the show where everyone competes in wackey challenges like looking in a bowl of rice for for miniature Toyotas, being sling-shot into a tree full of silk worms making little baby outfits, making sushi injected with an explosive spice, and fighting a robotic Godzilla with a samurai sword. That Super Sushi Roll?


Izzy:I love that show! I never miss an episode on Youtube!

Chris:Well, I have good news for you Izzy. We got permission from the Super Sushi Roll producers to film an episode based of the show. We thought it was entirly Japanese based, so why not? You get to be on Super Sushi Roll.

Izzy is suddenly so exstatic that she picks Chris up and shakes him around screaming then she runs to find the studio.


Noah:Follow that crazy bird!


Courtney:Follow that nutcase!

They chase Izzy, all through the Japanese forest until she stops. She stares with big eyes and a dropped jaw at the studio.

Izzy:(in awe)It's more beautiful then I imagined.

The others stare at the studio. There is a sign on the door with Japanese characters on it that reads 入る前に、あなたの靴を脱いでください。

Harold:I can speak a little Japanese. The sign says "Please, take off your shoes before coming in."

Cody:Why do you have to take off your shoes?

Everyone begins to take off their shoes

Harold:The Japanese people made it a law that if your go into a public place, you must take off your shoes to prevent the floors from getting dirty.

Izzy:That or they have the viper walking competition again.


Izzy:In Super Sushi Roll, they have crazy, gross, and sometimes, dangerous challenges. The viper walking falls in the catergory of dangerous. You have to walk on a path of live vipers. Everyone on the team has to walk on it without getting bitten. Whoever gets bitten the least amount of times wins!

Harold:That does sound dangerous.

Izzy:Not as dangerous as the Samurai Blade challenge. You have to be put in a box full of samurai swords, without dying.

Noah:That sounds more like something from a Saw movie.

DJ:(scared)You won't make us compete in those, right Chris?



Chris:But, I will make a few of the safer challenges dangerous!


They finally opened the door to the studio, and a person in a Hello Kitty outfit gives DJ a hug. Then, a person in a Pikachu costume electriutes Harold. And then a person dressed as Goku comes out and talks to Izzy.

Goku:What does my scouter say about my power level?


Goku:What? Nine-thousand?


Goku:I didn't realize I was that powerful. Maybe I'm powerful enough to defeat Piccolo!

Goku, Pikachu, and Hello Kitty run off.

Gwen:Japan is a lot weirder then I thought it would be.

Izzy:It gets weirder.

They finally see what's inside. All the people are gone. Threre are rows of seats for the audience, and a giant bowl of rice in the middle of the stage, and a diving board over it.

Izzy:(gasps)It's the Rice Bowl of Happiness!

A Japanese character pops on the camera that says 幸福の米杯.

Chris:Yep. And speaking of which, it's time for your first challenge! Three people on each team have to jump inside this rice and try to find little robots. The person who finds it wins their team their first point of the day! Once you find the Robot, the next challenge will begin. This time however, Chef gets to pick who goes.

Chef:(examining the Screaming Amazons)Let's see. You're going(grabs Sierra by the arm), you're going(grabs Gwen by the arm), you're definatly going(grabs Courtney by the arm).

Courtney:Hey! Let go of me!

Chef pushes them closer to the diving board.

Chef:(examining the Killer Saharas)Since you wanna to try this so bad, you can go Izzy!


Chef:Since, you're hot, you can go to Alejandro.


Izzy:(groans in anger)

Chef:(starining while pushing Owen)And you can go to.

He pushes Owen to far, and his weight breaks the diving board, causing all of them to fall in the bowl of rice. Once inside, they begin searching for the robot. Chris rings the chime.

Everyone in the rice bowl:(singing)[| Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto. Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto.]




Killer Saharas:(singing)Domo!

Everyone in the rice bowl:(singing)Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto.




Screaming Amazons:(singing)Domo!

Everyone in the rice bowl:(singing)Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto. Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto. Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Owen:Hey! I found it!(holds the robot in the air)

Izzy:Way to go, Owen!

Alejandro:Uh, yeah. Very good, la grasa uno.

Chris rings the chime again.

Chris:The Killer Saharas win!

The Screaming Amazons sulk in defeat.

Chris:Well, Izzy. Ho does it feel to be on your favorite show.

Izzy:It feels awesome. I can't wait for the next challenge!

Chris:I was getting to that. The next challenge is the Katamari Round-Up!

A Japanese character pops up on camera that says 総括〔検挙/駆り集め〕 Chris looks at it with a mad look on his face.

Chris:Stop it!

The Japanese character cries and runs away.

Chris:That was really weird. Anyway, the Katamari Round-Up if based of the popular Japanese game, Katamari Damacey. You have to rol the Katamari around this room full of random objects. Who ever has the biggest Katamari, wins, and you get a head start for the third challenge.

The room is now full of clutter and junk and two Katamaris are givin to the teams.


Noah:This is the most illogical thing I've ever done.

Izzy:Everything is illogical in Japan!


Harold...And that's how Tokyo became the capital of Japan, which brings be to World War Two when they bombed Pearl Har...

All the Screaming Amazons except Harold:SHUT UP!

Chris:On your mark, get set, roll!

And so the teams began rolling. The Screaming Amazon's Katamari got to the size of dinner table, and the Killer Sahara's was the size of a pumpkin.

Chris rings the chime. Suddenly the Killer Sahras got more confidence by singing.

DJ:(singing)[| Left a good job in the city.]

Owen:(singing)Working for the man ev'ry night and day.

Alejandro:(singing)Then, I never lost a minute of sleep.

Noah:(singing)When worrying 'bout the ways that things might have been.

Killer Saharas:(singing)Big Wheels keep on turning. Katamari keeps on burning. Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river!

Then, the Screaming Amazons gort more confidence by singing.

Cody:(singing)[| Rising up, back on the street. Did my time, took my chances. Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet. Just a man, and his will to survive!]

Courtney(singing)So many times it happens too fast. You change your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight just to keep them alive!

Screaming Amazons:(singing)It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight. Rising up to the challenge og our rivals. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night.

The ball is getting close to crashing into a wall.

Screaming Amazons:(singing)And he's watching us all with the aaaaaaaaahhhhh!

They crash into the wall. The Killer Sahars realize they're about to do the same thing.

Noah:St-Stop the ball! Stop the ball!

Izzy:It's a Katamari.

Noah:Whatever! Just stop rolling!

They stopped rolling and it stopped with screeching sound. Chris came and measured them. First he measured the Sahara's Katamari.

Chris:Six meters. Not bad.

Then, he measured the Amazon's Katamari after pulling them out of the it.

Chris:Two meters. Well, it seems obvious who won. Congrats, Saharas! You win, again!

Killer Saharas:(cheering)

Chris:Ready for the next challenge?


Chris:You're gonna love this one. You will be sling-shot to the top of Mt. Fuji. There, you will pick the toughest members of your team. They will fight each other with samurai swords...that explode! Who ever wins the battle wins for their team. The other will vote someone off tonight. You can also use kung-fu if you want.

Harold:Why would we do that? Kung-Fu came from China, not Japan. The Japanese did, however, create a style of Kung-Fu called...

Izzy:Enough with the Japanese facts, let's get it on!

Chris:On second thought, don't pick who gets to fight. it seems obvious that Izzy and Harold are the strongest fighters on their team. So, once we get to Mt. Fji, start fighting. Get in the sling-shot now!

Eveyone got in it, and it was extremly cramped. No one could move. Then, they were released into the air. All of them landed on the peak of Mt. Fuji. A puff of smoke appears. The smoke clears away to revel Chris.

Chris:Welcome to Mt. Fuji! Okay, Izzy, Harold, here's your swords. You know what to do!

Izzy swings her sword around. She hits a rock, and it explodes.

Izzy:(as Explosivo)Explosivo is ready to rumble!

Harold swings his sword.

Harold:I'm ready!

They run to each other screaming with blood lust. They're swords clash and slash. Harold then hits Izzy on the hip which of course explodes. She slides backwords. She falls to the ground. Harold thinks he's one. But, then, Izzy picks herself up.

Izzy:(as Explosivo in a strained voice)¡Usted puede haber ganado la batalla, pero no la guerra! Take this! (swings her sword and her sword clashes).

Harold:Take that!(swings sword and his sword clashes)

Izzy suddenly looks determand. Chris rings the chime.

Izzy:(as Explosivo singing)[| Trying hard now. It's so hard now. Trying hard now. Getting strong now. Won't be long now. Getting strong now. Gonna fly now. Flying high now. Gonna fly, fly, fly!](hits Harold with her sword in the nuts.)

Harold:(screams in serious pain)

Harold falls to the ground.

Chris:With the Saharas at three points and the Amazons at zip, it's clear who the winner is.

Killer Saharas:(cheering)

Chris:Well, Amazons, it's time to vote someone off your team.

Later at the Barf Bag Ceremony...

Chris:Hello, Amazons. No suprise seeing you again.

Heather:Shut up and tell us who leaves.

Chris:I can't crack a joke? Anyway, the first Barf Bag goes to Gwen...Cody...Sierra...Bridgette...Courtney...the final Barf Bag goes to...Heather.

Harold looks shocked.

Cody:Sorry buddy, you got a little annoying with all those Japan facts.

Harold:I understand. Well, I'll see ya guys.

He grabs his parachute and jumps off.

Courtney:Goodbye, and good riddance.

Later at dinner...

Izzy:So, who left?

Sierra:Harold. He was so annoying.

Chef:Tonight's dinner is seafood paella.

Alejandro:(smells it)Ah, just like my mom used to make. Wait, my mom? (to Bridgette and Lindsay)Hey, girls.

Bridgette and Lindsay:Yeah.

Alejandro:We're going to Spain tomorrow!

Bridgette and Lindsay:You're home country? YAY!

LeShawna:Did you hear that? We're going to Spain!


LeShawna:It's Alejandro's home country!

Izzy:Aw, please tell me you aren't falling for his evil charms.

LeShawna:I might, I might not. I'm not telling you.

Chris:You guys better be prepaired to sing, because we just turned on the randomizer!

The randomizer lands on Cody.

He walks on stage and prepairs to sing. Sierra stares at him.

Cody:This song goes out to my favorite girl.

[Confession] Sierra:And that favorite girl is me.

Cody:And that favorite girl is Gwen.


Cody:(singing)[| Some people call me the Space Cowboy, yeah. Some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me Maurice.]

Sierra:(wolf whistle)

Cody:(singing)'Cause I speak of the pompatus of love.


Cody:(singing)People talk about me baby. Say I'm doin' you wrong, doin' you wrong. Well, don't you worry, baby, don't worry. 'Cause I'm right here, right here, right here, right here, right here at home. 'Cause I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner.I play my music in the sun. I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker. I get my lovin' on the run. Woo-hoo!

Sierra:You're not doing me wrong! You're doing me right!

Cody:I'm not singing about you!

After dinner and the karaoke, everyone went to bed. Sierra dreamed about Cody, and Cody dreamed about Gwen. Little did Cody know that Gwen was not happy with his "relationship" with Sierra.


Tomorrow I'm post the next chapter. They're going to Spain. We get to meet Alejandros parents and slaves! So, guess the songs, discuss you fav parts, and stay tuned! Adiaos Amigos!

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