This is the second part of an eariler fanfiction. I'd look at the last [| one] first. I DO NOT OWN TDI OR THE SONGS SUNG.

Chris:Last time on Total Drama the Musical, the contestants arrived. There were old faces, new faces, and me. Each one sang their hearts out. Some were good, some were bad, some were awful. But in the end, it was Ezekiel who had the worst singing voice, and he was sent to the Helipad of Losers. Who will go this time? When will the teams be formed? Find out right now on Total...Drama...the Musical!

(theme song)

Everyone is sleeping peacefully when suddenly a loud stereo woke them up.

Noah:(sighs)Why did I have to come back this season?

Chris:(over bull horn)Everyone head to the catering room now!

Everyone's at the catering room. Chris is dressed like an Egyptian pharoh.

Chis:Good morning! Hope you slept well. In case you haven't noticed, we'll be going to the deserts of Egypt!


Chris:And you have to sing!


Chris:But, before we go down there, I wish to set the teams up. The reason why you all sang forme yesterday was not only to determand who sings better then who, but to help me deside who will pick the teams. If you were keeping score, Courtney and Noah were the only ones to get a perfect ten. So, you'll be team captains and you'll pick the teams. Courtney, you choose first.


They kiss.


They high-five.

Duncan whispers in Courtney's ear.

Courtney:(in responce to Duncan)WHAT? No way, I'm letting her on my team. She almost tore us apart!

Duncan:Can't you get to know her a little? She's not a bad person.

Courtney:(sigh)Fine. Gwen.

Gwen:Good. Maybe I we can actualy be friends.

Noah:LeShawna, get your butt over here!

LeShawna:Say that again and I'll slap you into next week!













Chris:Courtney's team is know know as the Screaming Amazons. Noah's is the Killer Saharas.

Harold:That's fitting. The Amazon rain forest is screaming with wild life, and the Sahara Desert's heat kills.

Chris:Information not needed. Everyone gather! Get ready for the drop!

LeShawna:The drop?!?

The floor opens under them. They look down, then they fall without a parachute screaming all the way down. After a while, the screaming stops. Chris then comes down wearing a parachute.

Chris:Next time, I'll give you parachutes! Don't worry we have a big matress down there.

Finally they land on the matress now hot from the deserts heat.

Chris:Okay, you're first challenge is to race to the pyramids on these camels.

A camel is being petted by Chef, when suddenly the camel sits on him. Chef moans in pain.

Chris:These camel are mean, stubborn, and they spit.

Camel:Ptoo!(the spit falls on Chef as her moans a little more.

Chris:Don't be nervous. Hopefully your voices will be able to calm him down, and encourage him to run. Once I ring this chime(points to the chime)you must start singing any song that fits Egypt, a thing in Egypt, something that fits the moment, or a song that would sooth the camels. Once I ring it again, you stop. Who ever makes it to the pyamids first will have a 5 second extention time for the next challenge.


Noah:Okay, what be a good song that's soothing.

Owen:How about Golden Slumbers?

Noah:Sure, let's put him to sleep while we try to win.

Tyler:The Chariots of Fire theme?


Lindsay:Ooh! Ooh! Welcome to the Jungle!

Noah:You call that soothing? That's the kind of song that'll scare him!

Izzy:Still a good song though.

Noah:True. But, we need something soothing!

Izzy:Hmmmm...oooh...I got a good one!

Noah:Really? Do tell!


Cody:No need to hurt your brains ladys, I got the perfect song.

Chris rings the chime.

Cody:(singing off-key)[| In the arms of the angel, fly away from here. From this dark, cold, hotel room...]

While Cody sings, the camel crys. He sits down to cry and sits on Cody.

Courtney:Have you learned your lesson, Cody? Never sing a song that was in a commercial of sad animals to an animal!


Noah and Izzy:(Noah sings beautifly and Izzy sings like a rock star/funk singer)[| Calm down, deep breaths, and get yourself dressed instead. Of running around, and pulling all your threads saying "Breaking yourself up". If it's a broken part, replace it. If it's a broken arm, then brace it. If it's a broken heart, then face it. And hold your own, know your name, and go your own way. Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way. And everything will be fine.]

The camel looks determanded.

Chris rings the chime again.

Izzy:It worked!

Noah:Hop on!

Team Saharah:(cheering)

There's a short pause. Lindsay stares at the camel's humps.

Lindsay:Hey, why do some camels have one hump, and others have two?

Harold:Good question. The answers simple. It's-

Noah:(angerly)Hey! You had two seasons to be the smart one, I had four episodes of the first! I'm answering the hard questions! And what are you doing here anyway? Go back to your team!(normaly)Well my dear simpeton, it's two differnet species of camel. The one-humped camels are from the Middle East, two-humped camels are in Africa, which is why our camel has two humps.

Lindsay:Oh. I thought it was because one-humped camels had less water then the two-humped.


Harold is running toward the Screaming Amazons.

Courtney:Where have you been?

Harold:I thought I was on the other team.

Bridgette:Oh no, the Saharas are ahead of us!

Heather:Quck! Someone come up with a song!


Heather:You got one, new girl?

Sierra:Will you all sigh my audograph book if I say yes?

Duncan:Maybe, if you actuly have one.

Chris rings the chime.

Courtney:(singing like an angel)Start singing it or will lose this Challenge!

Sierra:Uh, uh...(singing like a pop idol)[| What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk? I'll get, get, get, get you drunk.]

Screaming Amazons except Duncan:(singing)Get you love drunk off my humps! My humps, my humps, my humps.

Chris rings the chime.

The camel appears to snicker.

Duncan:Did that actualy work?

Heather:I'd never think that one of the mot annoying songs on the plaet would help us win.

Duncan:What are you waiting for? Get on!

The camels starts running.

Courtney:Run faster!(slaps the camel on the thigh)

The camel whinies like a horse.


Lindsay:(to Alejandro)So, Alex-john-o, are you single.

Alejandro:My name is Alejandro! And, si, I am single. I haven't had a girl since I retired from modeling.

Izzy:You used to model, huh? Did you see that dirty liar, Justin.

Alejanro:Si, I was his mentor. I inspired him. He was hot enough to be a model.

LeShawna:Yeah, but you're hotter.

Alejandro:(mockingly modest)Oh, I don't know.

Lindsay:You are hotter. I heard lots of people from Romania were hot.

Alejandro:Grrrr...(angerly)¡Usted tía buena sin coco rubia! How many times to I have to tell you, I'm from Spain!



Alejandro:I've been thinking Lindsay would be a perfect alliance member. Maybe Bridgette too if I can get her to betray her team. I could also find some slaves from each counrty I go to. With my hottness, I can take over the world! (laughing evily)You will all bemy slaves! All of you!


Izzy:Don't talk to my friends like that.

Alejandro:What? You can speak Spanish too?

Izzy:Si. And from what I can tell you're a la matanza de la señora, el esclavo que hace, el corazón que rompe, implantar pectoral, español!

Alejandro:Oh yeah? Well your a en el corre, enroscado flojo, certificablemente loco, el oso que lleva, Kung fu que lucha, el mentiroso y el tramposo que odian, maniaco homicida!

Izzy:(gasps)I am not a maniaco homicida! You're a la mal, nazi poco atractivo!

Alejandro:(gasps)Poco atractivo? Have you looked at me lately?

The other Killer Saharas:(screaming)WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Alejandro:She called me unattractive!

Lindsay:(gasps)How can you say such a thing to him?

LeShawna:What do you have against Alejandro?

Izzy:I used to date his apprentice. He's just like him only less hot, and less evil. But, still I'd stay far away from him!

We now see Chris still in his pharaoh outfit and Chef sitting on beack chairs, which are balencing on two Egyptian intern's backs.

Chef:That looks like a good musical cue.

Chris rings the chime.

Izzy:(singing angerly)[| You better take it from me. That boy is like a disease. You run, and you try, and your tryin to hide, and you're wondering why you can't get free. He's like a curse, he's like a drug. You'll get addicted to his love. You wanna get out, but he's holding you down 'cause you can't live with out one more touch. He's a good time, cowboy Casanova leanin up against the record machine. He looks like a cool drink of water, but he's candy-coated misery. He's the devil in disguise,a snake with blue eyes, and he only comes out at night. Gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight. You better run for your life.]

Chris rings the chime again.

LeShawna:How do you know that?

Izzy:Justin did the exact thing to me back when I dated him.

DJ:What did he do?

Izzy:Well, it happened not long after I was voted off in the first time. He was there. He asked me on a date. Later that night he took me to dinner. He gave me lots of wine. On our next date he tried to seduce me. It didn't work at first, but then he took his shirt off, and (she begins to blush)you know what that implies.

Owen:No way!

Izzy:Yes way. We went on many dates. We danced, he painted a picture of me, we made pottery togeter, we even fought each other with lobsters. Then, he told me he was out of his favorite skin care lotion, so I went to buy him some more. Once I came back, he was making out with some other girl.(begins crying) He told me he loved me for my craziness, and he lied. Not only that, he cheated on me. I thought he was the one! That dirty liar! (begins sobbing)

Everyone except Alejandro looks teary eyed.

Owen:Iz, why didn't you tell me?

Izzy:(sniff)I wasn't dating you yet.

Owen:Well, you are now. I would never do such a thing.

DJ:But, you threw her to the escaped pshyco killer, with a chainsaw, and a hook!

Owen:That was before we were dating. I was stupid then.

Noah:You still are stupid.

Owen:Yeah, but it least I can love for real now. You have me Izzy.

Izzy:(gigges)You're right. I have my big loveable marshmellow now.

They hug.

Lindsay:Aw. Cutest couple ever!

Tyler notices the other team behind them.

Tyler:Uh, guys.

Lindsay:Not now Skyler, you're ruining the moment.


Killer Saharas:(gasps)

Owen:Giddyup! Run!

The camel whinies.

The two teams are now neck and neck. Trying to beat each other until finally the Screaming Amazons make it to he pyramids.

Chris:Congratulations Amazons! You get five seconds of extra time for the next challenge. This time you have to go inside that pyramid and try to reach the top. Watch out for booby traps, and mummies! Once you reach it to the top, the next challenge will begin. you'll get bonus points if you can find some of King Tut's gold. On your marks, get set, go!

The Scearming Amazons race inside,. After the five seconds, the Killer Saharas run in too.


Cody:Now if I were King Tut, where would hide my gold?(leans up to a wall)

The wall suddenly drops a small block off and inside falls gold, silver, and jewels.

Sierra:Yay! You found treasure! We're rich! Way to go, Cody-Bear!

Cody:Cody-Bear? I'm not dating you!

Sierra:(swoons)Keep talking to me with your gorgeous voice.

Cody:Leave me alone!

Suddenly there's a loud rummbling sound. A door opend to reveal a mummy. It slowly walks toward the Amazons. They run away and scream.


Noah:Where'd they go?

Owen:(looking at the running team)Looks like they're bein chased my a mummy.

Tyler:(laughs)The Saharas are victorious!

A growling noise stuns them. A statue of a human with a dog's head's eyes suddenly glow red.

The statue:Who dares to wake Anubis?

Owen protect his team with his large mass. They scream.


They run as fast as they can to catch up with the Amazons.


The Amazons are still runnig from the mummy when suddenly he disenagrates.

Harold:I guess the animatronics are too fragile.

Gwen:Do you think we lost the other team?

The Saharas come running and screaming towards them. They pass them.

Courtney:What are you standing around for? Run!

The Amazons and the Saharas are neck and neck again. Teh, they run into a dead end with more of King tut's treasure.

Courtney and Noah:(to their teammates)Grab them!

They try to get as much treasure as they can, when the right wall begins to close in.

Gwen:Walls closing in. Clastrophobia kicking in.

Owen uses his mass to break the dead end. It breaks. They begin to fun, then the floor breaks. As they fall down the hole screaming, they say their 'goodbyes' and 'I love yous' like they're about to die. Once they finally hit the ground, they're safe and sound. They are now in an empty room with two elevators.

Noah:Sice when do the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids have elevators?

Owen:Maybe, they modernized it for tourists.

Courtney:Which elevators should we use?

Noah:You take the left one, we'll take the right. May the best team win.

Courtney:Good plan.

So the Amzons go in the left and the Saharas go in the right. Tehy both pick the highest level of the pyramid. As the elevators race to the top, the Amazons cord breaks, while the Saharas's rises to the tip.

Izzy:We made it!

Chris:Well, you win this part of the challenge. But, you have to wait for the Amazons.

Twenty minutes passed by when the Amazons finally made it.

Sierra:Did we win?

Chris:Nope, the Saharas win this time. Maybe you can win the final challenge of the day. Each of you have to go down the pyamids. Three members of each team must run down the pyramid. One member of each team will have a harness tide to them with do ropes on each. These ropes will be typed to the anckles of your other teammates. Once you make it down, the next groups will head down. Once you're all down, you have to dance and sing for me a song that fits Egypt or something in it. Who ever sings the best fitting song wins.

Heather:Why do we have to go down the pyramid like that if it's not worth any points?

Chris:I just like to torture you guys. (laughs)

Noah:We have to win this guys. Think of the best Egyptian song you can.

Tyler:You're going down, Amazons!

Courtney:No you won't!

Chris rings the chime. Courtney starts playing a beat with her hands and feet. The rest of the Amazons join in.

Courtney:(singing)[| Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noise. Playin in the street, gonna be a big man someday. Yo got mud on yo' face. You big disgrace. Kickin your can all over the place!]

Amazons:(singing)We will, we will rock you! We will, we will rock you!

Noah:No we'll beat you!

The Saharas play the same beat the Amazons are playing.

Noah:(singing)Buddy, you're a young man, hard man. Shoutin in the street, gonna take on the world someday. You got blood on your face. You big disgrace. Wavin your banner all over the place!

Killer Saharas:(singing)We will, we will rock you!

Owen:Sing it now!

Killer Saharas:(singing)We will, we will rock you!

Chris:Who will rock who? Find out after these commercials!

(commercial break)

Chris:Okay, pick the groups who go first. Remember, this is not worth any points, it's just to tire you out.


Noah:Okay, who here is the fastest?


Noah:In your dreams, jockey.

Lindsay:I am. I'm really fast 'cause I'm really light-weight.

Noah:Light-headed is the better word, but why not? Who wants to go down with her.

Lindsay:You can come Skyler.

Tyler:It's Tyler.

Lindsay:Who's Tyler?

Tyler:Me! I'm dating you, remember?

Lindsay:Oh, yeah.

Tyler:Now who else should go down with-



Lindsay ties the harness to herself and Tyler and Alejandro tie the ropes to their ankles.


Courtney:I think you should do this Duncan. You're the strongest.

Duncan:I'll do it if you come with me...

Courtney:Fair enough.

Duncan:...and if Gwen comes with me.

Courtney:What? No! There is no way I'm coming with you.

ten minutes later...

Courtney:I can't believe I'm coming with you!

Gwen:You have to make sacrifices for the ones you love.

Courtney:I'm going to regret this one day.

Chris:On your marks, get set, go!

Duncan begins running like the wind with Courteny and Gwen being dragged behind, hitting each bump. Lindsay is running as fastas lighting even as Tyler and Alejandro are clinging tightly to her legs. Eventully, every team member was down the pyramid.

Chris:Boy do you all look tired. I can't imagine how hard it will be to sing and dance. I'll give you each one minute to come up with the song that perfectly fits the Egyptian spirit.


Duncan:I got a fitting song in my head.

Courtney:Well, what is it?

Duncan whispers it into her ear.

Courtney:How the heck does that song fit?

Duncan:The sand part.

Courtney:Fine, but this better give us the win.


Izzy:What song could possibley fit?

Noah:(slaps himself on the forehead)Duh! How could I not think of this song.

DJ:What song?

Noah whispers in his ear and everyone else listens through his ear.

DJ:That's perfect!

Chris:Times up! The Amazons can go first.

Chris rings the chime.

Heather:(singing)[| Say your prayers, little one.]

Harold:(singing)Don't forget, my son.

Cody:(singing off-key)To include, everyone.

Sierra and Bridgette:(singing)I tuck you in, warm within.

Courtney, Gwen, Heather, and Bridgette:(singing)Keep you free from sin, til the sandman he comes!

Screaming Amazons except Duncan:(singing)Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.

Courtney, Gwen, and Heather:(singing and dancing to the beat)Exit light!

Cody, Bridgette, and Sierra:(singing and dancing)Enter night!

Harold(singing and dancing)Take my hand!

Courtney;(between her teeth)Duncan, it's you're part!

Duncan:I'm not singing.

Chris:(through a megaphone)Remember, if you don't sing, you're out!

Duncan:Fine. sings unenthusiasticly))We're off to Never Never Land!

Chris:(angerly)Explain to me how that fits Egypt!

Duncan:Thew song metions sandman, and look around you! Sand, sand, and more sand!

Chris(looking annoyed)But, that's not what makes Egypt Egypt! Hopefully, the Saharas have a better song.

Noah:Oh, we do.

Chris rings the chime.

The Saharas are suddenly dressed as pharohs and cleopatras and they begin dancing.

Izzy:(singing)[| All the paintings on the tomb, they do the sand dance, don't you know?]

DJ:(singing)If you move to quick...

Killer Saharas:(singing)Oh, way, oh!

Noah:(singing)...they're falling down like a domino!

LeShawna:(singing)All the bazaar men by the Nile, they got the money on the bet.

Alejandro:(singing)Gold crocodiles...

Killer Saharas:(singing)Oh, way, oh!

Alejandro:(singing)...they snap their teeth on your cigerette!

Izzy:(singing)Foreign types with the hookah pipes say...

Killer Saharas:(singing)Way, oh, way, oh! Way, oh, way, oh!

Izzy:(singing)Walk like an Egyptian.

Chris:That was amazing! That's the perfect song! The Saharas win!

Killer Saharas:(cheering)

Chris rings the chime again.

Izzy:(singing)[| I've paid my dues, time ater time. I've done my sentence, but comitted no crime.]

Noah:(singing)And bad mistakes, I've made a few.

Tyler:(singing)I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I've come through!

Izzy:(singing)We are the champions, my friends!

Noah:(singing)And we'll keep on fighting, til the end!

Izzy jumps on to on of the camels and begins moving it's lips to make it sing.

Izzy(moving the camels lips and singing in a deep voice)We are the champions!

Killer Saharas;(singing)We are the champions!

Tyler:(singing)No time for losers, 'cause...

Killer Saharas:(singing)We are the champions...

Noah, Izzy, and Tyler:(singing)...of the world!

Chris rings the chime again.

Chris:Well, Amazons, it's time to vote of a teammate.

Later at the Barf bag ceremony...

Chris:I only have seven Barf Bags with me. One of you won't recieve one. And if you don't you will immediatly fall down the Drop of Shame, to the Helipad of Losers, and you can't come back...ever! The first Barf Bag goes to Sierra...Harold...Heather...Bridgette...Cody...Gwen...the final Barf Bag goes to...

Courtney looks nervious and Duncan looks determand.


Duncan:(sighs)I'm sorry, Courtney. Singing isn't my thing.

Courtney:Maybe try to work on your singing for me?

Duncan:Okay. I'll practice everyday.(kisses Courtney)

Duncan grabs his parachute and jumps down the hole. Courtney watches.

Later ate dinner...

Noah:(to Coutney)So, who got the boot?


Noah:No suprise. He barley even sang.

Bridgette:(to Alejandro)Can I feel your muscles?


Lindsay:No, let me feel your muscles.

Bridgette:(angerly)No, me!


Alejandro:Girls! You can both feel my muscles.

Bridgette and Lindsay:Yay!

Chef busts through the door holding steaming bowls and chopsticks.

Chef:Todsay's dinner is sushi and rice.

Harold:Sushi and rice? Sushi is a classic Japanese dish of small pieces of raw fish stuffed with rice, and ricem is served at every meal in Japan.

Heather:So, we're going to Japan.

Harold:Yep. Japan is by far my favorite country.

Cody:With it's advanced technology.

Owen:(with his mouthful)And delicious food! (starts gobbling up his rice)

Harold slaps him.

Harold:Bad Owen! It's polite to eat rice with chopsticks, not your hands and face!

Owen:Oh, pardon me. (grabs chopsticks and starts eating them properly.)

Chris;Everyone! May I have your attention! Before I started the karaoke machine, I have an announcment! The prouducers thing we'd get more ratings if we added more effects to the stage. You can now have pyrotechnics. And we have this cool new contaption called the Randomizer! The Randomizer selects any player , host, or Chef to sing at the karaoke stage. It can also pick singers for duets for special occasions. Today, someone will get to sing up here. We have instruments provided too if you can play. Pull the lever!

Chef pulls the lever on the randomizer and a slot machine of every person on the sho starts spinning. After a while, it landed on three Alejandro faces.

Chris:Today's singer is Alejandro. You can sing any song you like. Can you play.

Alejandro;Yeah, I can play the violen.

Chris:Cool. Now go play and me and Chef will be asleep if you need us.

Alejandro walks on stage and tests the icrophone and violen. Then, he plays a violen solo. Bridgette and Lindsay look in awe. Izzy looks annoyed. Then, he beginss to sing.

Alejandro:(singing)[| When the Devil is too busy, and death's a bit to much, they call me by name, you see, for my special touch. To the gentlemen, I'm Miss Fortune. To the Ladies, I'm Sir Prize. But, call me by any name. Anyway, it's all the same...]

The violen gets harder and Alejandro taps his foot to the beat.

Alejandro:(singing)I'm the fly in your soup, I'm the pebble in your shoe. I'm the pea beneth your bed, I'm the bump on every head. I'm the peel on which you slip, I'm the pin in every hip. I'm the thorn in your side. Makes you wriggle and writhe!

The stage shoots out fire, startling everyone except Bridgette and Lindsay, who continue to look at his eyes. His eyes hypnotize them it seems.

Alejandro:(singing)And it's so easy when you're evil!

Izzy, Noah, and Owen see the fire in his eyes as they stare in fright.

Alejandro:(singing)This is the life, you see. The Devil tips his hat to me. I do it all because I'm evil! And I do it all for free...your tears are all the pay I'll ever need.

While he plays a violen solo, The Killer Saharas talk.

Izzy:(in shock)I knew he was evil, but wow.

LeShawna:You were right!

Izzy:I told you.

Lindsay and Bridgette continue to stare in Alejandro's eyes.

Izzy:Don't look in his eyes! He's trying to suduce you!

Lindsay and Bridgette:lol, wut?

Alejandro:(singing)While there's children to make sad, while there's candy to be had. While there's a pocket left to pick, while there's grannies left to trip down the stairs, I'll be there, I'll be waiting round the corner. It's a game, I'm glad I'm in it. 'Cause there's one born every minute!

While he sings the chorus again Heather talks to herself.

Heather:He's eviler then I was.

Sierra:You know, I think this mitght be the first person on the Total Drama series I hate.

Izzy:Glad you see it my way, Sierra.

Alejandro:(singing)I pledge my allegeince to all things dark and I promise on my damned soul to do as I'm told. Lord Beelzebub has never seen a soldier quite like me. Not only does his job, but does it happley. (fire shoots out of stage)I'm the fear that keeps you awake, I'm the shadows on the wall. I'm the monsters they become, I'm the darkness in your skull. I'm the dagger in your back, an extra turn on every rack. I'm the quivering of your heart, a stabbing pain, a sudden start.

He sings the chorus again. DJ is hding under the table in fear.

Izzy:Snap out of it!

Bridgette:Izy, shut up!

Lindsay:Izy infearior to Alehdo.

Bridgette:roft, she's to'ed.

Lindsay:Do u thnk we shold k hr o?

Izzy:He's limiting their speech to internet slang!

Alejandro suddenly jumps off stage and look at Bridgette and Lindsay with puppy dog eyes.

Alejandro:(singing)It gets so lonely being evil.


Alejandro:(singing)What I'd do to see a smile, even for a little while. And no one loves you when your evil.

Bridgette.::( Wll <3 u!

Alejandro hugs them. He then has a devious smile on his face. He closes Bridgette and Lindsay's ears.

Alejandro:(singing)I'm lying through my teeth! Your tears are all the company I'll need.

Everyone except Alejandro, Bridgette, and Lindsay:(gasps)

Alejandro:Now, let this be our little secret. SOn't tell Chris or Chef or I'll stab you in your sleep. Bridgette and Lindsya are mine now, and here's nothing you can do about it! They are my first slaves of my world conquest. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to bed.

He walks out of the room.

Bridgettee and Lindsay:We hv 2 go 2 bd 2!

Everyone in the room is either scared to death or stunned.

Izzy:See! Told you! Alejandro is just like Justin only hotter and eviler. Don't trust him! Even if he gives you the world, don't trust him!

Owen:What are we going to do? If we tell somebody we could get killed!

Izzy:Chris and Chef will find out soon enough. Just keep your eye on him, don't look at him in the eyes, don't fall for his charm, don't touch him, and most importenly don't get killed. We have to get Bridgette and Lindsay back to the real world. All they do is stare at him, and talk in chatroomese! Don't hang out with him, and you'll be safe.

Noah:I think I'm going to have nightmares just looking at him.

Owen:Same here. Can we go to bed now?

Izzy:Yeah. But sleep with a cross next to your bed. If tere's one thing deamon's hate, it's crosses.

So, everyone got sleep. But, they had horrible nightmares about Alejandro. After discovering Izzy was right, everyone hated Alejandro, except Lindsay and Bridgette, who were now his slaves.


Guess the songs and I'll ake links! Tomorrow, they'll be going to Japan! I'll post the third chapter in a different blog. If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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