Well, I just got news that another show on Cartoon Network is coming to an end. I'm sure that a lot of you watched Chowder. Other then TDI, Chowder was probably the only reason we watched Cartoon Network. I bet a lot of you agree that TDI,Chowder, and for some people, Flapjack were the only good cartoons on CN since they cancelled or ended the other ones, and replaced them with unfunny cartoons and bad "reality shows". Now they got rid of one of the best cartoons on the channel. Back on topic. Chowder was a show about a cat/bear/rabbit thing who dreamed of being a great chef. The only problen was he eats everything, leading to hilarious results. Who can forget the memorable episodes like...Chowder's Girlfriend, Burple Nurple Stand, Shintzel Makes A Deposit, The Fire-Breather, Grape Worm, and Sheboodles? Who could forget the unforgettable lines...I'm not your boyfriend!? Who doesn't say "radda radda radda" on a regular basis? Who didn't laugh at the randomness and weirdness of the show? This had to be one of the best cartoons in history, and they cancel it. It makes me sick! The creator of the show was planning a series finale, but it was shelved! It was even suposed to have Matthew McConaughey! You can't go wrong with that! Cartoon Network must be run by greedy producers who think win ever a show gets boring or unfunny(in Chowders case it didn't), they cancel it! Just because they think they're losing money! Then again, that's what all producers are like. Chowder was hilarious, smart, and sometimes heartwarming. How could it this happen? Let's just hope the ratings go up in reruns, and the DVD sales increase and is renewed due to this. That's what I like to call the Family Guy effect. But, it will likly never happen. So, say good bye to Chowder, Mung Daal, Truffles, Shintzel, Panini, Gazpacho, and all the other memorable characters. Chowder will be missed.




This was worse then when they cancelled Class of 3000! Well, it least they didn't cancel TDI right? Anyway, get your Chowder DVDs out or watch them on youtube. And morn the loss of a great show.

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