Well, guess what? Just as the title says. Here's the story. I was coming home from school today. I got in the the car and not only was my dog, Bambam, in there... My cat, Dinah, was too! At first she was in my mom's lap, but then my mom wanted to stop at Krystal. Then, Dinah got on the floorboard near her feet. She didn't want to hurt her while driving, so she put her in the back with me. BIG MISTAKE! Dinah went under one of the seats! She kept peeking her head out and started meowing. Once we were home, we put the dog inside. We tried to get the cat out, but she wouldn't come. So, mom got some yogurt(Dinah's favorite). She didn't come out. So, mom tried to grab her, but the cat hid deeper under the seat. Mom raise the seat up a little, and it appeared that she hung her. She kept meowing though. Mom sent me inside. I watched with fear. She was trying to find a wrench so she could take the seat off. A lot of them didn't fit. Each time she got a new wrench, Dinah started to squirm and wiggle. Once mom finally got a wrench that fit, she had finally sqeezed her way out. I was relieved. While this was happening, our Bambam was worryed for Dinah's life so much, he broke one of our lamps. Getting her out was an hour long process. She's okay now. I'll never forget this day.

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