I decided I'm going to share with everyone the production days of my cartoon, "Oh Canada" based off the poem I wrote. I'll update this everytime a scene is filmed. Remember this is stope-motion animation, so if you are wondering why I mention items and people like I've met them, it's not real!

Production Day 1: The first scene was shot today! The Canadian Flag is nice, but extremely paranoid. His family is nice too.

Note to self: The Canadian Flag is a paparazzi hog!

Production Day 2:I had to hire a choir. I don't have the heart to tell them they have no singing talent. Queen Elisabeth arrived today! She is a lot nicer then I thought she'd be. I do have the heart to tell her that she sould be on American Idol. Shot two scenes today!

Note to self: Make sure Queen E's Welsh Corgi doesn't poop on my foot.

More to come...

I also wanted to tell everyone more info on my next project..."A TDI Christmas Carol". I currently casted myself to voice Izzy and Chef Hatchet, and my dad as Chris and Owen. Just so you know, the Scrooge of the story is Chris, the ghost of Christmas past is Izzy, GoC present is Owen, GoC future is Chef, and Tiny Tim is Chris's paycheck. I'm also righting a TDI version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" parody called "The 12 Things of TDI"

If the directors, writers, and voice cast see it and post it on their blog, I'll scream, and hug my computer.

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