Ah, Izzy. The psycho hose beast we all know and love. I love Izzy so much! She just never fails at making me laugh! (sigh) Until recently...I have noticed that Izzy isn't as funny or crazy this season. Well, except in episode one, two, four, and that small part in the aftermath. She was HI-LAR-I-OUS in those! But, in three, five, and seven? Not a chuckle. Izzy seems to have become a predictable unpredictable, if that makes since. When I read the official TDWT home page, I saw one of Izzy's lines. "Look! I'm a rabid monkey! Ai ai ya!" I was laughing hard! I was picturing a savage looking Izzy swinging from a vine in the Amazon with a bunch of monkey's following her. That would have been funny! But, once I saw it in the New York episode, and she was just climbing a rope up the Statue of Liberty, I didn't laugh once. That seemed so predictable to me! I also think she's becoming more of a background character. Heck, she seems to be doing something crazy in the background, but they won't say WHAT she's doing? For example, I don't know if anyone caught this or if anyone really cares, but (Skip to 2:14) what is Izzy doing over there? I would really like to know why she was standing on her head! I don't think anyone cares, but it's just strange to me. She would have explained in a really funny way like she explained other strange things. Remember how she explained how she has been living on Camp Wawanakwa even while she was eliminated? I was cracking up! Or how she explained why she was underground? I was cracking up more! No explanation here! And as I said before about her predictable unpredictability in this season? She was just unpredictable in the early seasons! That's what made her funny! No, you know who REALLY made her funny? Not the writers. KAITE CROWN! I read somewhere in an interview that Katie ad-libbed almost all of Izzy's lines! Izzy was unpredictable because her lines were improvised! They just gave her an outline of the scene, and she went on from there! So, what happened? Did she start sticking to the script? I have two theory's on this. One, since TDWT had new directors, they made new rules, and one of them happened to be "no ad-libbing". Or two, when Katie was recording, she ad-libbed something off-color which made it into the episode, I'm guessing the swearing rant in the TDA special. The directors and writers at Teletoon loved it, but the preppy little CN executives who can't take a joke forced her to butcher it for the CN version and forced her to stick to the script. Either way, Izzy just isn't as funny anymore. I still have high hopes that she'll redeem herself and go back to making her fans laugh. I will be happy when this day comes! Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Izzy was the best in the worst season and the worst in the second best? It would have been a whole lot worse if she was worst in the best. So, until she gets he touch back, I'll be watching her bestmoments, and watching her voice actress perform. Seriously, her comedy is hilarious if you love surreal humor as much as I do. Izzy, get your touch back!

UPDATE: I just watched the Amazon preview. Izzy did nothing! NO-THING! And if any of you saw those spoilers, which I don't even want to look at anymore, and Izzy's elimination has been confirmed, don't tell me when, and don't even tell me if she won't be eliminated! If you do, I WILL DIGITALLY STRANGLE YOU! If any Izzy fans can make me feel better, please do.

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