I had this dream that they made a movie called "Total Drama: The Movie!" The tagline was "So much drama, we couldn't fit it in the TV". Being the self-proclaimed biggest fan of Total Drama(seriously, I'm like Sierra minus the stalking in real life), I see the movie on opening day. I have long dreams, so don't tell me I'm making this up. To basicley sum up the plot of this movie, it's about Chris getting kidnapped in the middle of filming, and it's up to all of the contestants to save the day! Everyone was their, but for some reason, so was Johnny Bravo and Mody(Zobe). Whenever I have dreams about television, movies, or real life, people from differnt shows and franchises will appear for no reason at all. As everyone goes out to look for Chris, they slowly disappear, getting kidnapped one by one. Gwen buries Trent in the ground, Bridgette and Eva fight each other in a pool full of mud, and Owen, Noah, and Izzy get chased by a boulder Indiana Jones style while the ground collapses under them are some notable events I can remember. I remember Chris talking about what happened last time on Total Drama Island even though Sierra and Alejandro were there as well as two new contestants. The last one standing was Cody and when he found Chris and all the other kidnapped contestants, guess who was the kidnapper? EZEKIEL! He said he was tired of getting voted off first all the time and Chris being mean to him, so he kidnapped Chris so he could torture him for all the stuff he's done to him. I also remember there being a fridge in the theater with me that was full of "Total Drama Chocolate Ice Cream" and "Total Drama Coke" and "Total Drama Funnel Cakes" as the packeges said. That's all I can remember. I don't think this is as weird as that fan movie, "William Country" I talked about in an earlier blog, but it's still pretty weird. I would still pay to see the movie though if it were real. What do you think the plot of a Total Drama feature length movie would be? I would also pay for Total Drama themed treats no matter how bad they tasted. I'd be drinking Total Drama Coke everyday! Any thoughts on TD themed food? Anyway, has anyone ever had a dream about a Total Drama movie? Believe it or not, this is my second one. I can't really remember the first one though. All I can remeber is Owen sleeping in a cave. I bet there will be a third dream like this in the future. I tend to have recurring dreams. Let me hear your thoughts! IK

UPDATE: Okay, I had a dream that tops the weirdness of this dream! This time, a TD Christmas special was made. For some reason, Chowder and Family Guy characters were in there too. Anyway, it all begins with the TD characters celebrating Christmas with a party. Owen, wearing a little Santa hat, was drinking a TON of eggnog. During this Noah was just reading "A Christmas Carol". Izzy comes his way, wearing X-Mas lights in her hair, and the following dialoge accours:

Izzy: Come on, Noah! We're about to open our presents!

Noah: (not looking up from his book) I'm not really a Christmas person, Izzy.

Izzy: Well, you could at least dress like a Christmas person!

She puts reindeer antlers and a red nose on him

Noah: (deadpan) Bah-humbug.

Izzy:(laughs) Please, Noah! Where's your holiday spirit? (grabs a gift behind he back) Is it because no one got you a present?

Noah opens the present. It turns out to be a book called "How to Murder with Sarcasim". His eyes lit up and he smiles. He got up from his seat and joined the party.

Suddenly, Owen got up from where he was drinking, looking extremely angry and ran outside in the snow while Izzy and Noah watch and look at each other like "WTF?" Then, we see this man climbing the cliff on Camp Wawanakwa and then this shadowy figure who appears to be wearing a Santa suit and holding a candy cane sucked down until it was pointy and stabbed the mountain climber, killing him in the process. Then, we see those news reporters from Family Guy talking about the "Santa Serial Killer". Then, the Asian reporter interviews Rudolph the Ren-Noesed Reindeer about it. Then the Santa Killer grabs him and decapitateds him while the Asian reporter runs for her life. Then he throws some cookies as sharp and as thin as glass and impales Chowder. We finally cut back to the contestants trying to find Owen. While Trent was searching, the SSK appeared out of nowhere and started hitting him with a steel stuffed stocking until he bled from the nose and eyes. He felll to the ground, and Gwen said "Oh my God, Trent's dead!". Sierra walks behind and stomps on his back and he springs up, very much alive and says, "Santa tried to kill me!". So, than everyone jumps in seperate cars and not only try to find Owen, but solve the mystery of the Santa Killer. One of the cars had Eva, Noah, Izzy, and Sierra in it. The later two started singing the song playing on the radio, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song, while the former two angrely tell them to shut up. The killer started shooting elf ears at them and they all fled from their cars and hid. They all went to hide in a place where they could see the Killer, but the Killer couldn't see them! Then they started talking about the killer and asking why Santa Clause is killing people. Harold says there's a way more logical that it's not Santa killing people, but someone dressed like him. So, they try to set a trap with cookies and milk. Something does trigger the trap, but it wasn't the killer. It was a hungry orphan. For that, the police through them all in jail. Duncan starts playing the harmonica. Then Noah has an idea on how they can get out. He tells LeShawna, "LeShawna, with your butt so big, won't you break us out of the brig?". LeShawna gets extremly angry at him, but does it anyway. They break out of jail, and they set another trap for the killer, this time with a giant present. The trap works and the killer is caught. Guess who it was? Here's a hint: he's just as fat and jolly as Santa. Yep. Owen was drunk off eggnog and he killed everyone while dressed as Santa. Izzy slapped him in the face a few times to get him to snap out of drunkness. He did revert back to his jolly self, but he was still drunk. He told everyone, "Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy Arbor Day...don't drink and drive, kids, or you'll end up like me!" Then he passed out, and everyone laughed. And that's all I can remember so far. If I remember anything else, I'll update in the comments. Weirder than my last dream? Not as weird as my last dream? Just as weird as my last dream? YOU DECIDE!

I had another one. It's not as weird as the two above, but it was still pretty weird. I'm sure all of you know who Micheal Jackson is, right? I had a dream about the Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, and Smooth Criminal videos, except they all had TDI characters in them instead. Like in Billie Jean, it was Noah doing the moon walk and everything else. He's an AWESOME MJ. In Beat It, it was Cody with gansters played by Duncan and Harold as well as Courtney and LeShawna as annoymus members of their gangs.. In Thriller, it was Chef and the whole ensemble of characters as zombies except Chris who was running away from them. Yes, Chris was in drag. (shudders). In Smooth Criminal...Well, who do you think? No, not Duncan. Alejandro. And if I remember correctly, Izzy, Duncan, and Courtney has solos as well. Izzy sang Off The Wall, and Duncan and Courtney sang Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough. It was weird, but it was an awesome dream!

NEW DREAM! We all know about the horrible ending of Hawaiian Punch, right? I had a dream that made it much worse. Not only does Zeke try to steal the million, he SUCCEDS! Then, he kills Eva, Bridgette, Heather, Gwen, and Duncan. In fact, he states his reasons for killing them in a Gollum like voice. I only remember why he killed Gwen adn Duncan though. He said he supported Gwen and Trent. LOL. Everyone else gets chased by a claw bearing Zeke, even Chris, who is signing the season off and asking for someone to call a vet and put Zeke to sleep. Well, at least Alejandro didn't go Darth Vader, eh?

New dream. Yeah, I have a lot of these, don't I? Anyway, I logged on to the wiki, and it said if you have a premium membership, you can here deleted songs, or songs from banned episodes of TDWT. I got the premium membership out of curiosity. Seriously, banned episodes? Why would they be banned? First, I listented to this deleted song from "The Ex-Files". It was called Take Us to Your Leader. The song's video was in storyboard(which makes since, 'cause it was a deleted song), and it had three aliens, plus Owen singing a barbershop quartet. Also, the aliens looked like Roger from American Dad for some reason. I can't remember the lyrics very well. Then, there was this deleted song from "Hawaiian Punch" (which was also in storyboard). It was sung by the whole cast, and was kinda like that song We Are the World. I don't remember lyrics for this either. Next, I listened to songs from banned episodes. Well, I found out why they were banned! The first song took place in AFGHANISTAN! It was a gospel style song called Terrorable! LeShawna and Courtney sung the main vocals, while everyone else just clapped and said, "Yeah! Sing it sister! Amen!". I don't remember any lyrics. Finally, there was a song called Chief Iz Moonhawk. It took place in Oklahoma, which is the state where the most Native Americans live now. It was sung to the tune of that song from Matilda(don't ask me why), and was sung by Izzy, LeShawna, Noah, and Alejandro. It was appearently banned, not only for racist sterotypes on Native Americans, but they protrayed one of them as a rapist! I do remember a few lyrics to this one!

Izzy: I would like you, to meet your new chief!

Chief Iz Moonhawk

How? How? How, are you guys not singing along?


Noah and LeShawna: Moonhawk, why did this guy just touch us??

With his loins?

Izzy: I guess he loves you two!

Sound the wedding bells!

Or should I say, wedding drums?

I would tell you guys more, but it gets pretty dirty. Let's just say Noah, LeShawna, and Alejandro did not have a good time. Izzy had to save once she realized what was going on. I think you know what I mean, right? Yeah, in reality, there probably are some deleted songs. I bet in the original version of TDWT(or TDtM as it was called in the old days), there were three songs per episode! How would you guys react if the deleted songs were shown to the public? IK

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