OH CANADA By IzzyK O Canada, O Canada, is how their anthem goes.

The rest of it, No American knows!

From 1867 through today..

Still going strong above us, eh?

You named the provinces so well

The origins would take forever to tell.

Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec…

Ontario, B.C……ZED(?) what the heck??

Their accents are a hoot.

Although, sometimes, I don’t know what their talking aboot!

The people who live there? Oh, there’s quite a few…

Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette and Chad Kroeger, too!

McLachlan has the voice, Morisette has the looks. They are all very well known Can-nucks!

Although, Chad Kroeger’s career has gone fair, his voice sounds like it’s being drug by a car!

They’ve got great cartoon characters…Bullwinkle,and Rocky and of course, their pastime, ice hockey!

Yep, Ice Hockey, I like watching the hockey pucks slam,

But, the only thing that was a letdown was their bacon was sliced ham!

It’s the country of origin for Canadian geese,

And, of course, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

There are other provinces I adore

Sasakatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador,

Manitoba, Prince Edward Island,

We even share an area of highlands!

We also share two oceans and The Great Lakes

I’ll do anything for Canada. Whatever it takes!

There are other people from Canada, such as these:

Avril Lavinge, Alex Trebek and Keanu Reeves.

Canada is my favorite place around

I love it. Every sight, smell and sound!

That was my little tribute to Canada. Where Total Drama Island was born. I hope you like it because my family thinks it's genius.

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