Remember in an early blog post when I sayed I make cartoons? Well, I came up with a good idea for a cartoon. All of my favorite cartoons had Christmas specials. All of them except Total Drama Island. Why not a TDI Christmas special. Chris McLean invites the whole cast back for a reunion to have a X-Mas party. Now think about this: Chris McLean.Christmas. Chris McLean. Christmas. Get it? Thi cartoon will tell everyone, Chris, and yes, even Heather the true meaning of Christmas. Now Chris doesn't know a single thing about X-Mas. He'd be knda like Scrooge in this cartoon. He learns the true meaning of X-mas in his sleep. He is visited by one of the producers, telling him he will be visited by three spirits, the ghost of X-mas Past(Izzy), Present(Owen), and Future(Chef Hatchet). It also focuses on the rest of the cast doing hanging out while he's asleep. Before I make this cartoon, I got to finish my first cartoon. My first one is based off the poem I wrote. Is this a good idea? It's kinda like a twisted version of "A Christmas Carol". It will take forever to make, but it will be worth it. It's kinda like fanfiction you can see and hear.

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