Fanfiction:I bet a lot of you are wondering "When the heck are you going to finish chapter 7 of TDtM Dream?" Well, I have an answer. I'll get it done tomorrow. I couldn't do it, because I was busy. I was busy putting the first few chapters on! That's right. I'm on there now. I did it so I could get a bigger fanbase. I corrected all the spelling errors and changed a few scenes so I could put it there. I've posted the first six chapters so far, and tomorrow, I'll post the seventh on the TDI fanfiction wiki, and on You guys are lucky, because you get it first. If you're on the TDI wiki or fanfiction wiki as well as on, don't be afraid to say hi. My account there is TDIzzyfan. Review with a little more detail then here. Since it's spring break for me, I'll try to finish six chapters. Once it's summer, I'll try to finish the fic, as well as Super Total Drama Island(STDI) for those of you who remember that.

Cartoon: Remember in that blog post I said I made cartoons, well, I'm almost done with one. I'll try to post it tomorrow. What's the plot? It's a surprise. Let's just say Izzy is in it, two mystery celebs, a parody off of an incident at an awards show and...Boom-Boom! Let that be a hint. I also have another cartoon planned, but more details on that tomorrow. If you people think it's a random blog, delete it. I don't wanna be a pest.

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