The Wikiverse: A place of infinate knowledge, but also a place of...paradise. Today we will be looking upon the history and every day life of planet Tdiwiki and it's many lifeforms. Before we get to the history, we must talk about life on Tdiwiki.

Tdiwiki looks like any other wiki, it's a dessert like place and everyone lives on tall hills made of rock that are flat on the top. A typical editor will have a bed, a fridge, and most importantly, a computer. The computer is used to communicate with fellow editors. Sometimes, editors climb down their tall homes and go to a place called the "IRC" to chat. This is known as "chatrooming". Other times, editors visit each other to talk. This is called "talk paging". Users can also post news or interesting thing that happend to them in the "Local Blog" which is similar to a newspaper.

Now lets get to some notable users and rankings around the community. The highest honor of the wiki is being an Administrator. These are the users that keep the wiki running smoothly. The lead admins, and current presidents of Tdiwiki, are Kgman Z. Four and Jam Seven or Kg and Jammy as most people call them. Other admins include are Freehugs Forty-One, TDIFan Thirteen, Nayld Renrut, and Webkinz Mania. Without these guys, our wiki probably wouldn't be as big as it is today.

The lowest "honor" on Tdiwiki is being a vandel. Vandels are either users who join the wiki to destroy it or vandelize it(hence the name), or users who let power go to their head and they slowly go insane or users that just plain break the law. All vandels are usually banished from the wiki, but they still roam around the wiki, ruining landmarks and destroying editors homes. The leader of the vandels is the notorius Ex- Saber. Unfortunatly, some great users were banished breaking laws and became vandels themselves. One of these was an admin named Zakkoroen, which lead to the Zakkoroen War. More on that later.

It is very dangerous when around a vandel. If your brave or dumb enough to defend yourself from them, you'rd very lucky. But, the only ones who defends the wiki from vandels right are the Rollbackers or The Wiki Knights. Before becoming one of our presidents and becoming an admin, Jam Seven was the leader. Now the lead rollback is Sir Codyfan Twelve. With their mighty backspace buttons, they can rid any vandelizim on any landmark and rebuild any home.

Then we have the the Tdiwiki Congress known as the Roundtable where everyone is a member. Here, users come up with new ideas to keep this wik awesome.

Some normal editors also get cool, but minor jobs. Such as me, Izzy Kay for writng popular blogs like this one, or Numbuh Three who owns the local candy store, just to name a few.

to be continued...

For those of you curious, I spelled letters and numbers how they sound to make them sound more like names. Just to make it funny. PS, if anyone wants to be mentioned in this, please tell me.

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