so this is my first blog thingy i should of wrote one before? i am just writing one now because i am bored and in an attempt to talk to someone. firstly i think everyone (or so i have heard from people) or most people on this wiki are like 8 year old kids acting like adults? tell me your thoughts on it? secondly well...i geuss i am sick of all the talk about seasons to come i mean you guys in america and on the other side of the world just got season 3 straght away so just wait for the next one. ad last there have been alot of people leaving the wiki at first i thought why and now i know that alot of people have got school, (not me it is over for 2 weeks :D) also alot of people were just in it for watching and commenting about season 3 and hey there has been alot more vandals since more people have left has there not? so what did you think of my first blog just comment about it and...........idk that pretty much sums it up.

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