• Izzy&codyfan

    so this is my first blog thingy i should of wrote one before? i am just writing one now because i am bored and in an attempt to talk to someone. firstly i think everyone (or so i have heard from people) or most people on this wiki are like 8 year old kids acting like adults? tell me your thoughts on it? secondly well...i geuss i am sick of all the talk about seasons to come i mean you guys in america and on the other side of the world just got season 3 straght away so just wait for the next one. ad last there have been alot of people leaving the wiki at first i thought why and now i know that alot of people have got school, (not me it is over for 2 weeks :D) also alot of people were just in it for watching and commenting about season 3 and…

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