First of all in case you guys were wondering, my Twitter is @vaporterra

Anywho #ReplaceASongNameWithTwerk was trending and since I'm excited for Total Drama All Stars, I thought of a Total Drama song. I tweeted "Come Twerk With Us", joking about the TDWT song "Come Fly With Us". I hope someone found that funny.

Since I'm here. I guess I'll talk about my thoughts on Total Drama All Stars since the US premiere is 2 weeks away. First of all I just want to say I'm so psyched USA gets Total Drama first for a change! I just hope Canada doesn't come in and have a different winner so the "official winner" is different. After two seasons that's been getting annoying. But I'm just going to spew random thoughts going into this season and see if any of you guys like it.

The cast: The Villains side I have no complaints: Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Jo, Lightning, and Scott. That's about as villainous as you can get (even though I like some of them, most notably Duncan and Heather, in Heather's case post TDA), with the only people that can crack that 7 maybe are Blaineley and Justin. However since Blaineley was only in this cast to begin with since Geoff wanted her away from the Aftermath and since Justin turned soft after Courtney showed up in TDA, no wonder they didn't make the cut.

The Heroes side was always gonna leave us guessing because there's more than 7 good player that could've been on this team. We got Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Sierra, Gwen, Lindsay, and Sam. I'm definitely ok with Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Lindsay, and Sierra. Gwen is an interesting choice because she's probably as close to the middle of Hero and Villain that you can get. Gwen isn't evil but she has had a bit of problems, mainly being rude to most people (mainly in TDI), failed relationship with Trent, various TDA drama, and of course kissing Duncan. However if I had to pick, Gwen's definitely a Hero in my book. And then there's Sam. Sam is a Hero to me and he's a decent player that I guess could use the screen time, but I feel Cody, DJ, Owen, Harold, Brick, and B would've been better choices if they wanted to keep the gender even. 

I find it interesting that Sierra's going to compete without Cody around. I think if she sticks around after the first two episodes, she'll get over it and she'll be fine. However, it'll be difficult to eliminate Mike, Zoey, or Cameron as those three players will be tight and it'll be a team of seven. If they wanted to do what I would do and vote off Courtney first, Sierra, Lindsay, and Sam would be in an interesting situation. But I'm sure the writers thought of something. I mean they had Leshawna vote off Gwen in Total Drama Action. Friendships can always bend.

Also Courtney and Gwen switch teams, assumingly in the first episode. As much as Courtney being a hero makes no sense, I actually like this better because Gwen, Duncan, Heather, and Alejandro on the same team will cause sparks to fly and Courtney being against Duncan, Gwen, and Heather should be good too. I wonder if Courtney will still have feelings for Alejandro and if Alejandro and Heather will actually be together.

Since this is Heroes vs. Villains, I'm sure people are expecting the Villains to win some at first with the Heroes catching up just before the merge. Each season of TD has become a bit more one-sided than the last. For TDI, it was almost even with a 7-5 challenge win split. In TDA, the teams were pretty even numbers wise by the merge but the Killer Grips were getting killed and survived because of players being added to their team and disfunctional Screaming Gaffers situations (Gwen throwing a challenge, for example). In TDWT, Team Victory got completely eliminated. Before then Amazon and Chris seemed pretty even but then Amazon won 4 out of 5 challenges with 2 teams in play. And then TDROTI a 6-2 challenge win split saw the Rats dominate the Maggots. I'm hoping this season we see more of the back and forth that the Gophers and Bass had.

I like how the island is back to normal. Should be cool to see the challenges they use and stuff. And now for my character specific predictions.

AleRobot: I think he might be the first villain voted off, or he'll get pretty far again. Unless he gets out of the robot soon, I don't see him being that manipulative like before. Or he might be ignored because of that.

Cameron: I think Cameron could get pretty far because he'll get along with most people and he has ways of dealing with villains, like he did in TDROTI. If any past winner/finalist had to win, I hope Cameron wins in the USA so he can be official for us.

Courtney: I feel like she and maybe Lindsay or Sierra will be the key drama source between the Heroes so as much as realistically she'd be the first Hero out, the writers will keep her in some how. If old Alejandro comes back, Courtney could get dragged a bit before she's gone.

Duncan: I think Duncan might be going early. I'm sure he's one of the more likeable Villains but considering he's finished in the top 5 all previous seasons, I think it would make more sense for him to go soon.

Gwen: I don't see her in the final 7. I feel like Gwen will once again be tangled in drama and it'll be hard for her because she can easily have conflicts with every pre-TDROTI contestant in this season aside from Duncan, and I wouldn't be shocked if Jo or Scott had issues with her too.

Heather: I see Heather making the merge. She's not as mean as she once was and there's reasons to keep her around as opposed to almost any other person on her team.

Jo: Jo will be one of the first 5 out or will be in the final 4 or 3. Plot-wise I see here as expendable but being the strongest female competitor, there's reasons for her to make it far.

Lightning: I don't see Lightning getting to the final 5. However, he could surpise us. A lot of people expected Lightning gone in TDROTI at the final 4 and again at the final 3. I was pretty shocked when Lightning won in the USA too.

Lindsay: With the likely Cameron-Mike-Zoey alliance and Courtney probably not liking her, it'll be tough for Lindsay to get far on her team but I'm hoping she can last a couple of eliminations at least.

Mike: I'm hoping Mike gets far. If they want there to be another male winner, it's gotta be Mike. Mike is the only male contestant other than Scott who isn't a past finalist.

Sam: Being the All Stars with the least impressive Total Drama Record (the only one not to appear in the final 6 of a season), Sam's the most vulnerable to be eliminated, especially since he has the least amount of strong connections with other players. But it could be a situation like TDA Justin or TDWT Cody where he gets far despite his last finish.

Scott: I think Scott can easily be one of the more prominent villains of this season and can make it pretty far. I don't see him as one of the first five eliminated, that's for sure.

Sierra: Sierra is one of the favorites to win IMO. She or Zoey would make a good first potentially worldwide female winner, and since she's been on less seasons than Lindsay, Gwen, Courtney, or Heather, she has that as reasoning to put Sierra far in this game.

Zoey: I might be totally wrong but I think Zoey will win this game. She'll be in a good position for the team stage of the game and come the merge it's totally realistic for Zoey to navigate through those waters. Hopefully we'll see comando Zoey later on and I think I'll be rooting for Zoey. It's not very often I root for specific players.

Ok so this will probably be very off but he's my predictions

14th: Sam

13th: Sierra

12th: Lindsay

11th: Jo

10th: Lightning

9th: Duncan


8th: Gwen

7th: Cameron

6th: Alejandro

5th: Mike

4th: Heather

3rd: Scott

2nd: Courtney

1st: Zoey

Imagine that finale. Courtney thinking this could finally be her season and there's no way she'll lose to ZOEY, but Zoey steps up and takes her down.

This could be a very good season but there's one last thing.

What'll happen after Episode 13?

My guess and my hope is that they bring in another batch of old contestants for another competition. There's still some plot opportunities left. I'd like to see Cody and Trent interract again. I'd like to see Harold and Leshawna on opposite teams perhaps. I'd like to see Katie, Sadie, and Eva back. I want Owen and Izzy to get back together, or at least have closure. Human Zeke to at least survive 5 or 6 eliminations, would that be too much to ask? And some TDROTI character like Brick, Anne Maria, Brick, and Dawn wouldn't be bad to see again. And Noah, Tyler, Beth are some options. The possibilities are numerous. I hope they don't do a completely new cast. Save that for season 6. But maybe they introduce a few new contestants to compete amongst a predominantly veteran cast, like in TDWT. I wouldn't mind that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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