since i saw a few Survivor What If moments when Survivor Redemption Island premiered, I feel like I'll do some of my own for Total Drama (3 for each of the 3 seasons so far). It's basically about how what could've happened if there was redemption island and if some players could've returned and won if there was a redemption island.

Part 1: Katie

In Total Drama Island, Katie was seperated all too soon from Sadie because they got lost in the woods which cost their team the challenge. But what if Katie wasn't voted fof and was sent to Redemption Island? Would her athletic prowess revealed in Dodgebrawl (keep in mind she almsot dodged Cody's electric ball) allowed her to survive on Redemption Island? Would she have returned and reunited with Sadie? Would the two of them be an unstoppable duo and make it to the end together? Think about it. thanks for tuning in to this total Drama What If moment. If there's a character you want me to do, let me know by tomorrow and i may consider it.

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