This is the last part of this blog series. Total Drama has been very kind to Owen, as Owen became the winner of TDI and when Owen was voted off in Ocean's Eight...or Nine in TDA, Owen was given a second chance in Rock and Rule in which he finished in 3rd. And in Total Drama World Tour it seemed like Owen was given another free ride to the last stage of the game until Alejandro worked his magic, and even Owen fell to Alejandro's scheming and Owen was voted off. But what if Owen wasn't voted off and was sent to Redemption Island? Would Owen's luck prove essentiqal to his survival? Would Owen's successful Total Drama History be reflected in the duels? Would he come back and have taken down Alejandro? Think about it. Thanks for reading my blog posts. Please put a comment on this post saying which of the 9 contestants I picked do you think would have had the best chance on Redemption Island:










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