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We're at Episode 4 of this season where surprisingly the Heroes have the upper hand numbers wise. Nice to see Total Drama isn't mimicking Survivor by having Villains dominate early on. But with Duncan and Courtney switching teams, that should cause for some interesting developments. I bet Duncan would be more pleased than Courtney since he got switched into the team that won the last challenge so no pain all gain for him. Except for separation from Gwen. I guess being on a different team than his girlfriend will be tough but all we can do is that Gwen handles it better than she did with Trent. I mean, they did better than Gwen and Trent in TDWT.

So it starts raining, something I don't remember happening for a while at Camp Wawanakwa. Chef surprises Alejandro and Scott with powdered gruel, which turns out to be Scott's favorite food. However none of the other Vultures are enjoying their breakfast, especially not Courtney, who would prefer to starve. I've never had gruel before but since it looks weird and rhymes with cruel, maybe Courtney's reactions are justified. Scott pays the girls a visit and asks them if they're gonna finish their gruel, but as if he has to ask. He eats some of the gruel off of Courtney's hair that Heather once wanted to cut off (Season 2, Episode 14), and compliments her. Courtney considers forming an alliance with Scott. Imagine that. Courtney and Scott are probably even more different than Courtney and Duncan. It might sound crazy to some people, but that's the way I see them. And them teaming up would be interesting to say the least.

At the hotel, Mike, Zoey, Sierra, and Sam welcome Duncan to their team with a party and cake. And then comes one of my favorite confessionals of the series and probably my favorite confessional of the season so far: "To all my peeps at home and in juve, I am not a hero. It's probably a trap to gain my trust and then BAM they vote me off. Fat chance of that, but I can't let them know that I know, so yeah, I ate the cake....IT WAS LIKE EATING THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!". That last part was just great. Never gets old! So while Sierra grabs her phone for the photo op and Sam offers to sing the welcome song (an offer Duncan can, will, and did refuse), Sierra is horrified to see her phone destroyed. I guess that's what you get for using that crappy phone instead of an iPhone or Galaxy like everyone else. Mike awkwardly looks on as he wonders if it was him that broke it. Yes it was him, as The Malevolent One, and then Malevolent Guy evil laughs like a boss. Funny how someone on the Heroic Hamsters has the best evil laugh. Sierra is not happy about this situation since it had a lot of pictures of Cody on it (which if she cherished her love for Cody she would have them backed up or something) and Sam suggests Sierra imagining those pictures of Cody. NO SAM! WHAT DID YOU SAY THAT FOR! Immediately Sierra hallucinates and sees Sam, Duncan, Zoey, and Mike's bodies with Cody's heads attached to them and that was a bit disturbing. Thanks Sam. Thanks a lot. Now on a more serious note, Gwen is sad because she came back to make things right with Courtney but things have only been getting worse. Courtney manages to over hear and wonders if Gwen really meant it. She's not entirely sure. Maybe this might be the breakthrough for Gwen and Courtney to be friends again. I hope so because if Courtney and Gwen do become friends, I think it gives the producers more of a green light to eliminate Courtney sooner.

Cameron rejoins the group. Shockingly Cameron made it out better than either Sam or Lightning did (well Lightning wasn't really injured but his night on Boney Island drained what very little remained of his brain power) but he smelled worse than they did. Cameron explains his survival strategy. It was an effective strategy, and I knew Cameron would figure something out, but the other contestants didn't appreciate his smell. However, Sierra was impressed, thinking that's exactly what Cody would do.Trying to forget about Cameron's horrific revelation, Chris explains the challenge. They have to eat as much of a stack of giant pancakes as possible (possible references to Season 1, Episode 14, Season 1 Episode 21, and Season 2, Episode 1) before their eating time is up (which is marked by either an angelic sound for the Heroes or a donkey, I think, sound for the Villains) and they must make their way through the mad skills obstacle course (Season 4, Episode 2) and once they do that, the next person goes. But they can't throw up or they're out of the challenge. McKayla Maroney, I mean Scott, isn't impressed, so Chris adds the "Salad Spinner" to the obstacle course to make things more interesting. Courtney is upset with Scott for forcing Chris's hand, but Scott replies with "You're pretty when you're mad", which grosses Heather out. Haha Scott flirting with Courtney, there's something about that that's just right. 

The challenge starts and Sierra leads off for the Heroic Hamsters. Alejandro volunteers Heather to be Team Captain (*coughs* butt-kisser, which is weird because last season Alejandro was more of a face kisser). Alejandro is chosen to go first for the Villainous Vultures. He's the first to discover one of the many booby traps and surprises in the pancakes, getting attacked by rats. Sierra finds some "blueberries", which turned out to be fish eyes, and pukes, taking her out of the challenge. Cameron takes her spot. Alejandro is done eating and he flies through the obstacle course and manages to avoid barfing. "Tastes so nice, he ate it twice". Chris rubbing some salt in the wounds for Alejandro and Al is not happy. Also, finally someone calls him Al. I bet if Owen was back, Alejandro would quit if Owen didn't get voted off at the Heroic Hamsters' first bonfire. Also if Owen was here, the Heroes would've won the challenge easily considering Owen magically completed the obstacle course in a semi-reasonable time.

Scott's up next despite him not feeling so well after eating all that gruel. Heather tries to nag him to do the challenge, but it's Courtney's nagging that does the trick. Cameron finds a raccoon when eating but Cameron's stench causes it to flee and barf. Cameron's time is up and he struggles with the Obstacle Course. After being "stuffed like a thanksgiving pigeon", Scott's time is up as well. Meanwhile Heather and Courtney argue about who's going next, which means Gwen steps up. Cameron takes the kick not so well and he flies past the salad spinner and falls down a tree, surprisingly being heavy enough to break several branches. Sierra caught it all on camera and congratulates Cody for her efforts (thinking Cameron is Cody). Next up is Duncan for the Heroic Hamsters. Scott's gruel and pancake weight almost breaks a few of the obstacles but he manages to clear the course. Duncan's lips get a taste of a mousetrap right before he finishes eating. Gwen finishes eating after getting pinched by crabs. Courtney fears that if she goes next, Gwen will set up a booby trap for her, but Heather doesn't think that's likely. Courtney agrees to go next if Heather promises to vote off Gwen. Heather agrees to it but crosses her fingers (you'd think Courtney would learn from Season 3, Episode 16, but nope). Gwen has an easier time past the bouncing butts than Duncan, and as Duncan comments that Gwen doesn't look so good, turns out his lips didn't handle the mousetrap too well and he had thick lady lips. That was just hilarious. "It's like two worms having a street fight down there". Just too funny, but probably disturbing for some small kids, as if Duncan wasn't disturbing enough under normal conditions. On the rolling pins, Gwen hurls on Duncan and Gwen's out of the challenge.

Duncan finishes the course and Mike goes up to eat pancakes next. Mike notes that access to his personalities wouldn't have benefited him much in this situation. I appreciated that little reference. Green jelly splatters all over Courtney, causing her to relive her fear (Season 1, Episode 7). A dynamite blast from TNT hidden in the pancakes gives Mike a boost straight into the salad spinner. When Mike gets out, The Malevolent One "can't resist a little chaos" and tampers with the controls of the salad spinner. At least Mike's dark side is FINALLY doing something more than just break people's personal property. Courtney gets in the salad spinner next and it goes out of control and hurls Courtney far away. Alejandro taunts the heroes, which makes Sam want to step up. Sam switches places with Zoey in the challenge, and Alejandro convinces Heather to do the same. Sam goes into total game mode and makes up for lost ground. Sam gets hindered by bees and Alejandro encounters some fire ants, but Sam finishes the pancakes first. Heather tells him that Alejandro obviously can't do it, which motivates him to finish the Vultures' pancakes. Alejandro takes the lead on the rolling pin, calling Sam a "game child". But Sam isn't a game child...he's a game man! Sam strikes back and they both enter the salad spinner at the same time. Sam escapes first but Alejandro catches him by his underwear. A bee manages to sting Alejandro, loosening his grip and allowing Sam to win it for the Heroic Hamsters. But not after letting loose a burp that would make Owen and Geoff jealous. At the bonfire ceremony, Alejandro tries to reason with Heather (many try, most fail). Sam mocks Alejandro back as it seems like Alejandro has a good chance of being voted off. Chris announces that Gwen went the whole day without hurting Courtney but also that the Heroic Hamsters DIDN'T WIN!

GASP! Say what? I was wondering what this meant. I thought the Hamsters were going to be disqualified since Mike's evil personality messed with the Salad Spinner. Well I was right about the disqualification but wrong about the reason. Sam saved some of the pancake in case he would be sent to Boney Island. Aw come on Sam! That was a stupid move. So anyway the Villains celebrate luckily obtaining immunity, and Scott and Courtney do a little celebrating together. How cute! The Heroes vote and there's really only two options. Sam for not complete the challenge and Sierra for being weird and for not lasting long in the challenge. The final marshmallow goes to Sierra and as much as it sucks to see Sam leave, I agree with this decision. Sam was the only reason the Heroes had to vote tonight. And plus, Sierra or Duncan probably had a better chance of getting exiled than Sam since Sam did win the challenge. I would also like to add that someone had always volunteered themselves to go. It's never been a team decision as of yet. So Sam pretty much screwed himself.This reminds me when Sierra screwed up and saved Alejandro from elimination (Season 3, Episode 23). Oh and Scott volunteers for exile duty. Big shocker. After a few episodes of being a laughing stock, pain magnet, and Courtney admirer, old Scott is back and still wants that invincibility statue. Chris denies Sam final words and flushes him. However Chef has to use a plunger on him. So that'll do it for this episode. That makes Sam the third TDROTI contestant and Toxic Rat to be eliminated in a row. The only TDROTI contestants left finished their team-affiliated time in Season 4 as Mutant Maggots.

So we have the final 10 and due to a shocking twist, we're even once again at five on each team. There were only 13 characters (11 contestants plus Chris and Chef) so why couldn't Zoey get lines? Oh well. On to next episode! This season has had everything. Complicated interactions and relationships, plot twists, and a lot of laughs. There have been some question marks as to some of their inclusions in this season but they fade away for me as each episode passes.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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