I'm really excited about Survivor: Redemption Island, but recently I thought of an interesting idea. For the 5th season of Total Drama, they can do Total Drama Rivalry Revival. It's like how survivor 22 is in part about Russell vs. Rob, but for Total Drama season 5, the season could be Alejandro vs. Heather. I know TDWT was already greatly focused around those 2, but it's an idea. 20 contestants, The teams could be as follows:

Team 1: alejandro, 5 contestants from 1-3, 4 from 4.

Team 2: Heather, 5 contestants from 1-3, 4 from 4.

For Alejandro we could put Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Lindsay, and courtney and for Heather we could put Cody, Harold, Eva, Leshawna, and Duncan 9mainly for a minor Duncan-Courtney rivarly). As for s4 returners, I have to wait until Total Drama Reloaded starts to thinkg about that. It's solely an idea and I think it's a great one. Whadda ya think?

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