It would be cool if they made a special for TDROTI including all past contestants from the first 4 seasons (excluding Blaineley since she never appeared in season 4) but it doesn't look like that won't happen. Why Total Drama has seem to given up on the at one point tradition of specials after the main season is beyond me. Here's what I think about the posibility of each contestant returning for a possible 5th season.

Ezekiel(would be his 3rd season): I think Ezekiel deserves another shot but unless he's more human by then, he'll probably be another early exit. Heck either way judging from his luck in previous season's he'd still be an early out.

Staci(2nd): Idk about Staci. She didn't really do much in TDROTI but if she could show some attempt to improve her personality like Ezekiel did maybe she'd work.

B(2nd): B would be great in another season. More opportunities to display his creativity and maybe he'll talk.

Katie(2nd): Since Katie has only been in one season, Katie deserves another season. However something needs to happen to make Katie a more interesting character.

Dawn(2nd): I wouldn't mind seeing Dawn again in another season and I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me.

Sam(2nd): Sam was a really good character and he was really nice. Plus he was a bit impressive at times. Him in another season would be cool.

Sadie(2nd): Same as Katie. An interesting option is that maybe only 1 of Katie or Sadie participates. There's definitely some plot opportunities there.

Noah(3rd): He was a pretty interesting character in TDWT and it's a shame he didn't make the merge then. He should be in another season.

Eva(2nd): Eva was only in one season and I think Eva would do better given another opportunity.

Geoff(3rd): Now that Geoff is nice again it would be cool to see him again.It would be cool for Geoff to connect with past friends again like DJ, Duncan, Owen, and/or Gwen.

Bridgette(4th): Idk about Bridgette. I would prefer Geoff participates without Bridgette so Geoff can develop a bit more rather than just be with Bridgette the whole time.

Anne Maria(2nd): To be honest she wasn't my favorite TDROTI character. If she was in another season, it would have to be with Ezekiel so they could have a relationship similar to Cody and Sierra.

Trent(3rd): Now that Trent is normal again and Gwen is with Duncan, it would be interesting to see how he would be like in another season.

DJ(4th): DJ was a cool guy and maybe he'll get as far as TDI. He might be a potential winner. Some might say he got too much screen time already but DJ's cool.

Mike(2nd): Now that Mike is solely Mike it would be cool to see how Mike would be like without constantly struggling internally. Mike and Zoey's relationship could use more plot.

Beth(3rd): Beth should've been in Total Drama World Tour in my opinion. Beth proved to be a cool character in Total Drama Action so I would hope that more of the same will happen if she appears again.

Brick(2nd): He was an ok character. If he's in another season that works but honestly if he's left out that's not much of a heartbreak either. I think he deserves another chance but so do a lot of characters.

Dakota(2nd): Whether as Dakotazoid or her normal self (if she reverts back), I wouldn't mind seeing her again. Either way it works and like Mike and Zoey seeing Sam and Dakota again can continue their relationship.

Courtney(4th): I think I've had enough of Courtney's attitude, annoying nature, and complaining for one Total Drama series. The only reason to bring her back is for the drama that she'd bring with Alejandro, Duncan, Heather and/or Gwen but I'd be glad if TDWT was her last stand.

Harold(4th): After getting close to the win in TDA and getting out early in TDWT, who wouldn't want more Harold?

Lindsay(4th): Not much left for Lindsay to do plot wise. Having Beth and/or Tyler in a whole season without her can help those characters branch out.

Tyler(3rd): Tyler was really cool in TDWT and another season with him would be cool but at the same time other characters can be injured repeatedly to fill Tyler's void.

Jo(2nd): I think Jo would make a great central villain for a 5th season. In TDROTI many wouldn't consider Jo a villain, and even if they did most would agree Scott was the main antagonist.

Justin(3rd): If Justin could just be normal and not evil he might make a good character but honestly Justin's not really that useful plotwise anymore.

Izzy(4th): MORE IZZY PLEASE! Another candidate for a great possible winner in a possible another season I would think. If Izzy could get far without returning that would be great. Plus I would like to see how Owen and Izzy would interact again. Maybe they'd get back together cuz they were a great couple.

Scott(2nd): He's pretty beat up so not much use for him unless he heals up. Scott will face the same struggles Heather faced in TDa and hopefully wouldn't make the merge.

Leshawna(4th): Leshawna's a cool character and another season of her wouldn't be bad. Besides seeing her interact with Harold again and finally sealing the deal as to whether or not Harold and Leshawna will be a couple again would be great.

Zoey(2nd): After everything that's happened to her last season, I think Zoey could be a bit different this time. She can retain some of her warrior traits from Episodes 11 and 12 and that would be cool.

Blaineley: Honestly she shouldn't even be considered as a possibility. Her being in TDWT wasn't really that great anyway.

Sierra(2nd): Sierra deserves another season. Seeing her interact with the new contestants would be interesting. Also maybe her and Cody would finally become a couple.

Cody(3rd): If Cody gets in another season, so should Sierra and vice versa. Otherwise Cody has very little left to do.

Gwen(4th): Gwen is a cool character and each season it's a different story with her. Seeing her again in another season would rock.

Alejandro(2nd): Same situation with Alejandro. I think Alejandro was just good for one season because there's no way he can make that much of an influence again even if he recovers.

Cameron(2nd): I wouldn't mind him being in another season since he would be more confident and probably more respected but at the same time more characters could benefit from another season more than him.

Lightning(2nd): I would like to see Lightning be more of a team player but still hilarious. More like Tyler. If so, Lightning could be in another season.

Owen(4th): Owen's had A LOT of screentime already but I'd say give him another chance, if only for him to make even more friends and to hopefully get back together with Izzy.

Duncan(4th): Similar with Owen. He's had a lot of screentime but he still has more to offer. His relationship with Gwen can definitely have plot.

Heather(4th): Now that, at least in the USA, she's won and now that she's not really a villain anymore, she could be an interesting character. She would still be competitive and look out for number 1. Some things never change.

My dream season 5 (with 26 contestants)

Ezekiel Eva Katie Izzy Cody Beth Sadie Harold Trent DJ Geoff Leshawna Duncan Heather Gwen Owen

Sierra B Dawn Sam Dakota Jo Mike Zoey Cameron Lightning

So what do you guys think? Who would be in your dream season 5? Any other thoughts on what should happen should their be another season?

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