This is not meant to steal anyone else's idea. I just wanna give a review for a season for once. So I'll start with episode 1, even if the episode debutted in Canada a week ago.

Well the fact that the original cast (other than Blaineley, who no one cares about) showed up on the yacht and Owen had a speaking part makes me a bit more happy with dealing with a new cast. I still hope for season 5 that both the original players and the newer players compete together. I'm sure the two different casts will interact a bit this season but only if they both compete together will the interactions between each other be awesome.

And this time it seems like Chris pulled out some of the breaks, being hard on the cast before they even arrive to the show. It was funny how Lightning said "I got you, little girl" when he saved Cameron, and Cameron was like "I'm a boy". And when Scott and Jo were talking was funny too. Dawn's voice, idk there's something about it that I like. I'm trying to say that in the non wierdest way possible. And wow with divas like Dakota and Staci and nerds like Cameron and Sam, I think this cast isn't bad. And only one couple is hinted, Zoey and Mike. And Brick has his last name revealed (McArther) 34 episodes 1 special and 1 rundown faster than the 1st original contestant. I'm not sure if it matters but I felt like saying that.

Yeah, I don't think anyone saw Dawn showing up when Jo arrived on the shore coming, nor Dawn being able to tell that Zoey is an only child. And I'm pretty sure Sam is happy that his Nintendo DS or whatever his video game system is didn't get wet. I know I would be if I was in his position. And it doesn't take long for it to be apparent how more dangerous Camp Wawanakwa got since the first season. The teams are Toxic Rats (B Dakota Dawn Lightning Sam Scott and Staci) and Mutant Maggots (Anne Maria Brick Cameron Jo Mike and Zoey). If you didn't like the part where Chris gave the contestants nicknames like Game Junkie and Lonely As a Child, something must be wrong with you. And like with Alejandro last season, the producers rip out another page of Survivor's story with the Chris Head which is clearly like the Hidden Immunity Idol. They're obviously trying to come up with new ways to keep the villain in the game longer, which as of yet if you're just watching this show without reading anything about it, you don't know who it is. And then the next challenge is an obvious teamwork challenge to give the contestants 1st impressions of each other, just like in Total Drama Island.

The challenge definitely showed some character's true colors. Cameron is trying to be the calculator of his team, Mike's first personality Old Man Chester shows up. Kids and their crazy log rides. Wow. But it was cute how Mike snapped out of it and saved Zoey. But I digress. Dakota obviously has her head in the clouds, Lightning is the alpha dog or wants to be, and B may not be talkative but he's a frickin' genious. But Dakota, she's kind of like Lindsay but probably smarter. And then Dawn's like "pretend it's daddy's steak knife" and Dakota knows how to cut the rope. And then Lightning's like "girl, you cannot be that dumb". And throughout the episode, I'm pretty sure everyone wanted Staci to shut up. I know I did. And the means of the Killer Maggots winning the challenge was a bit wierd but it wouldn't be the first time. Oh and when Sott has his confessional, I think we can guess who the villain is this season. At the elimination ceremony, another way this season is more dangerous than TDI is with that toxic death glowing marshmallow. When the Toxic Rats saw that, they had to think "I did not sign up for this. This was not in the waiver". Join the club, previously population 24 (well Blaineley maybe but she wasnt in Total Drama that long). As soon as the bottom 2 was Staci and Dakota, I bet everyone was thinking that that made sense; those two were the biggest liabilities of the team. And when Staci was eliminated, I was glad. She seemed nice but she was a bit annoying.

So overall this was a good 1st episode. Hopefully more past contestants will show up like Owen and right now my faves are Cameron, B, Dawn, Zoey, and Mike.

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