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  • I live in Deca Homes, Cubacub, MC
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is (still studying)
  • I am a girl
  • Iusedtolie

    Hey guys, for those who know me, you might notice me not commenting on any blog posts or joining the chat. It's cause I've been busy w/my studies. I know to those who doesn't know me doesn't even care. Anyways, one of the reasons for this is...(pls. don't get offended admins) I HATE TOTAL DRAMA ALREADY. I'm really sorry for those die-hard fans of TD. Hopefully, you could just ignore this post. And might as well ban me until the day of your wiki-versary. Just please, everyone has their reasons of joining Total Drama Wiki and hating Total Drama. I've been obsessed with my life in the earth, not living in some Wikis(cause I've been living in Wikis lately in my summer). So, to my message-m8 Katieblues, I'm sorry I might not reply to you anytim…

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  • Iusedtolie

    Wassup guys! Today, I'd like to know who,in your own opinion,the best antagonist in all 6 seasons...

    Before I end this blog, here are some few rules that I like to remind all of you:

    1. No fighting in the comment section, as usual.

    2. This is just our own opinions.

    3. Just tell us what you think, don't offend others.

    4. Lastly, you can only choose antagonists. And be well.

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  • Iusedtolie

    Hello guys! There are a lot of couples in Total Drama. And I'm just wondering, who is your favorite above them all? Mine is Duncney cuz I'm all about the polar opposites. And if you wanna know much further information about this blog, it's just a place to tell who's your fave couple/s. And plus,it's just our own opinions right? So,please no fighting cuz it's just our opinion. Have Fun!

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