Hello! Season 5 of Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars, is said to be the worst season in the entire series. I agree with this. After watching the season again, I was thinking about something. I thought, maybe if the cast was better, the season could've been better, because in my opinion, there were many better characters than the ones in the season. For example, Sam. He wasn't even a very important character and got eliminated pretty early. Also, how is Owen not in the season? He is who I thought would be the first person to be chosen for the season. I mean, it's Owen! He's made it past the merge in every season he's been in, and also has won a season, depending on where you live. Anyways, I was wondering what you, the members of this wiki think. Who would you want to have in All-Stars, and who do you think didn't deserve to be in the season. Leave your opinions in the comment section. I'll be looking forward to reading them. Thanks!

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