Hello! Welcome! Here, I will be ranking my favorite characters from worst to best in Total Drama Island. Remember, these are rankings for Total Drama Island and not every other season in the season. Also, remember, this is all my opinion. You can leave your opinions down in the comment section.


22. Ezekiel

I didn't necessarily hate Ezekiel, but his character wasn't very interesting to me, but I don't blame him.

He did only get to stay for one episode.

21. Eva


I honestly just didn't like her character. I mean, there's really nothing else I can say.

20. Justin


He didn't say or do much. He didn't have anything interesting about him, and he got eliminated very early.

19/18. Katie/Sadie

They were both annoying, and didn't really add much to the show.


17. Courtney

I am sure a lot of people won't agree with this, but Courtney was annoying. While I did like her relationship with Duncan, I didn't like her character. 

Ouch Courtney

16. Tyler

I probably would've liked Tyler's character a lot more if he had been in Total Drama Island longer. I believe his elimination was a bit unfair because while he was a factor in his team's loss, it was mainly Courtney's fault they lost. Even if Tyler did face his fear, they would've lost. On the other hand, if Courtney did, they would've won the challenge. 


15. Noah

I liked Noah's personality in Total Drama Island, and I thought he was a pretty funny character. If he had stayed longer, I would've liked his character a lot more. But, he did get eliminated fairly, so... yeah...


14. Beth

Beth was a great character in Total Drama Island. It was very entertaining to see her stand up to Heather. I think she served her purpose and got eliminated at the right time.


13. Izzy

Izzy was a very funny and insane character. Her fights with Chef Hatchet were hilarious, and I think she did very well in the season, coming in 7th place, even though it was because she was a returning character. 


12. Cody

I liked Cody's character. I enjoyed his friendship with Gwen. He was sadly eliminated because of an injury, but overall, he was a good character, even though he didn't do too well in the season.


11. Bridgette

Bridgette was a very good character. I enjoyed her relationship with Geoff. I respected the fact that she didn't tease Harold like the other contestants did. 


10. Trent

Trent was a main character of the series. His relationship with Gwen was, in my opinion the best relationship in the season.

Cowboy Trent

9. Lindsay

Lindsay was a very entertaining character. She had the most dramatic elimination in Total Drama History, in my opinion. She stood up to Heather. I honestly think her elimination was unfair, but she did well in the season and is a fan-favorite.


8. DJ

DJ was an entertaining and funny character. He was part of the guys alliance. He was also that character that no one hated. He is a nice guy, and was a very good contestant.

Dj fears water

7. Leshawna

Leshawna was a very funny character who did really well in the season. Her elimination was probably one of if not the most unfair out of any contestant in the entire season. While many people thought her relat


ionship with Harold was bad, I thought it was cool.

6. Harold

Many people do not agree with this, but I really liked Harold's character in season one. I wish he stayed longer. He was very funny and entertaining to watch. He won challenges when no one expected him too. 

Harold Yes

5. Duncan

Duncan was a fan-favorite and was just very entertaining. I think his elimination was at the right time because in my opinion, he wouldn't have been a better finalist than Gwen or Owen.


4. Geoff

Geoff was a very great contestant, placing 6th place. He had a really good and postive attitude. I liked that he was always happy unlike other characters. 


3. Gwen 

Gwen is definitely one of the most liked characters if not the most liked character of Total Drama Island. She was good contestant and deserved her place (1st/2nd depending where you live) in the season.


2. Heather

You knew Heather was going to be one of the top ranking contestants on this list. Without Heather, there wouldn't really be any drama on Total Drama Island. Heather is a strategist who got herself into the final three, but got eliminated after she had refused to shave all of her hair. She was the main antagonist of the season, and without her, the season probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable.


1. Owen

Yes, I know, not very original putting Owen as my favorite, but honestly, he was my favorite in Total Drama Island. Maybe in the other seasons, he got a bit annoying, but you have to admit, you have laughed at least one time because of him. Well, maybe not. Anyways, I think he deserved his place (1st/2nd depending on where you live) in Total Drama Island.



Thank you for reading my list. It probably was tedious to go through because of how bad my descriptions of the characters are. I think I've used the "Overall, blah blah good contestant, ranking this... blah blah..." Sorry that this probably wasn't very enjoyable. Well... THANKS ANYWAYS!!!