Hello! In this blog I will be counting down, what is in my opinion, the most unfair eliminations is Total Drama history. Let's begin!

[Some of this list is inspired by AD744] 

10.) DJ (Total Drama Island)

DJ had many unfair eliminations, but I would have to say that his elimination in Total Drama Island was the most unfair. This elimination is so unfair and confusing. So, DJ got eliminated because Chris says he got scared without even seeing the killer. This is, in my opinion, very dumb reasoning. That doesn't even make sense. No one even knew how the challenge worked. Also, Izzy and Owen were the first people to get "caught" by the killer. This was a weird, unfair, and confusing elimination, and I think the writers were just trying to get DJ out of the contest.

9.) Heather (Total Drama Island)

Heather's elimination was very unfair for any reasons. In the episode, she refused to shave her head. While in panic, she kicked the razor Chef Hatchet was holding, causing the razor to fly out of Chef's hands and go to Heather's head. Heather's head ended up being shaved, so she should stay and the episode should continue, right? Well, nope, she got eliminated because while she did do the dare she was assigned, she didn't really accept it. In my opinion, that was a very stupid elimination. 

8.) Noah (Total Drama World Tour)

Many people may not like Noah as a character, but you have to admit, his elimination was so unfair. Noah and Owen WON the challenge for the team, and they caught "Jack the Ripper" (Ezekiel). But, for some reason, Chris changes the challenge at the last minute and says that Team Amazon wins rathet than Team Chris is Really Really Really Hot, because Team Amazon caught Duncan, which wasn't the challenge. And because of this, Noah gets the majority of the votes on his team, and gets eliminated. Wow, that elimination is such a terrible way to write off a character in Total Drama. Eliminated for winning the challenge, that's just terrible.

7.) Max (Total Drama Pakithew Island)

There isn't really much I can say about this elimination. It was downright unfair. In the episode, Scarlett went crazy after gaining control of the island. She had the power to kill every contestant on the island. After the contestants worked together and stopped Scarlett, Chris eliminated Max because he said there was tired of all the evil on the show. This is obviously unfair because Max, while he was "evil", had nothing to do with Scarlett's incident. Max was one of my favorite characters in Pakithew Island so this elimination was a bit disappointing for me, but I guess they had to eliminate him some way.

6.) Sam (Total Drama All Stars)

This elimination is one of the dumbest ways to get eliminated on this entire list. I don't really like Sam too much as a character, but still, this elimination was such a stupid way to write off a character. The best way the writers could think of eliminating Sam is by making him smuggle pancakes for boney island. This is bad on so many levels. Really? The best way they could think of was smuggling pancakes? That's just... Wow...

5.) Sierra (Total Drama World Tour)

Many do not like Sierra as a character, but I feel like she added a lot to Total Drama World Tour (even though most of that was just being creepy). The way Sierra got eliminated, like most of the other eliminations on this list, were very dumb. She didn't even receive the most votes! Alejandro did! She blew up the Total Drama plane on accident when carrying a birthday cake for Cody. Yeah, I know, blowing up a plane is a very big mistake, but still, that shouldn't make her automatically get eliminated because Chris is mad about it. I guess I sort of understand why they did this. They wanted the finale to be between Alejandro and Sierra, so they couldn't let Alejandro eliminated, but it was still a disappointing way to see Sierra go.


(Also, feel free to give your opinions in the comments.)

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