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    10.) DJ (Total Drama Island)

    DJ had many unfair eliminations, but I would have to say that his elimination in Total Drama Island was the most unfair. This elimination is so unfair and confusing. So, DJ got eliminated because Chris says he got scared without even seeing the killer. This is, in my opinion, very dumb reasoning. That doesn't even make sense. No one even knew how the challenge worked. Also, Izzy and Owen were the first people to get "caught" by the killer. This was a weird, unfair, and confusing elimination, and I think the writers were just trying to get DJ out of the contest.

    9.) Heather (Total Drama Island)

    Heather's elimination was very unfair for any reasons. In the episode, she refused to shave her head. While in panic, she …

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  • ItzLuigi

    Hello! Season 5 of Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars, is said to be the worst season in the entire series. I agree with this. After watching the season again, I was thinking about something. I thought, maybe if the cast was better, the season could've been better, because in my opinion, there were many better characters than the ones in the season. For example, Sam. He wasn't even a very important character and got eliminated pretty early. Also, how is Owen not in the season? He is who I thought would be the first person to be chosen for the season. I mean, it's Owen! He's made it past the merge in every season he's been in, and also has won a season, depending on where you live. Anyways, I was wondering what you, the members of this wiki…

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  • ItzLuigi

    I don't know if anyone has ever done anything like this but I've been wondering... Is Courtney a Protagonist or an Antagonist? What do you think? I've seen many people say she is a protagonist, while others say she is an antagonist. Say what you think in the comments. I would like to see your opinions! You can also vote in the poll below!

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  • ItzLuigi

    Hello! Welcome! Here, I will be ranking my favorite characters from worst to best in Total Drama Island. Remember, these are rankings for Total Drama Island and not every other season in the season. Also, remember, this is all my opinion. You can leave your opinions down in the comment section.

    22. Ezekiel

    I didn't necessarily hate Ezekiel, but his character wasn't very interesting to me, but I don't blame him.

    He did only get to stay for one episode.

    21. Eva

    I honestly just didn't like her character. I mean, there's really nothing else I can say.

    20. Justin

    He didn't say or do much. He didn't have anything interesting about him, and he got eliminated very early.

    19/18. Katie/Sadie

    They were both annoying, and didn't really add much to the show.


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  • ItzLuigi

    Before you read this, remember these aren't my personal opinions, but they are my predictions.

    Best Character: Duncan

    Worst Character: Courtney

    Funniest Character: Harold

    Best Couple: Courtney and Duncan

    Worst Couple: Gwen and Trent

    Best Conflict: Harold and Duncan

    Best Friendship: Beth and Lindsay

    Best Elimination: Courtney

    Saddest Elimination: Leshawna

    Best Team: Killer Grips

    Best Episode: Get A Clue

    Worst Episode: Rock n' Rule

    Rate the Season: 4 (I would give it a 5)

    Also, by the way, I wanted the finalists to be Harold and Lindsay... but you know... that didn't happen...

    I hope my prediction is somewhat close to the results... Hopefully!

    Thanks for reading!

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