When we last left off Trent had been voted off from the Gopher's after his fear of mimes caused him to leave Gwen alone underground well past the time limit. It was from this change the sequence of events changed and started to effect the following challenges. The first one to deal with this fallout was Up the Creek.

The beginning of the episode takes place much the same, but already we can see how Trent's absence has effected the others. Still hurt by Trent's apparent abandonment of her (and unable to reconcile due to his elimination), Gwen is not in the best of moods. Cody's attempts at flirtation are also less well received because, without Trent around, Cody is unable to realize he's got no chance and to back off. Any slip of him trying to get her bra would also REALLY kill any chances at a positive relationship with her. Also, yeah, don't expect him to win that bet with Owen.

Once they hit land it becomes clear that Trent's absence has already effected the Gopher's. Without his falling into quicksand, the Gopher's maintain their lead over the Bass who are forced to carry an "injured" Geoff to save time. By the time the Bass make it to the beach, the Gopher's have all but won due to their lead. In a rush to catch up, the Bass grab all they can to build a larger fire and Harold, in a panic, grabs his teams paddles and torches them as well leaving them with no way to get home and their fire still losing out to the Gopher's even without Izzy's homemade fire starter.

When the final leg of the race starts the Gopher's are already out in the water while the Bass are left wondering what to do. With no other option they start to paddle with their bare hands or with whatever they can find. Despite the valiant effort, the Bass are unable to pass the Gopher's who make it to the beach first and win the challenge. Chris congratulates them and tells the Bass he'll be seeing them at the Elimination Ceremony.

Later that night the votes are cast and the marshmallows passed out until only one remains. Two people are left on the chopping block. First of is Harold for destroying his teams paddles and costing his team the final leg of the challenge. The second is Geoff who's "injury" cost his team valuable time during their trek across the island. When all is said and done and the tension builds the final marshmallow goes to...........Harold.

We see through Confessionals that while some were angry with Geoff for slowing them down, others seemed to have voted out of concern for his well being. Bridgette especially couldn't bare the thought of him competing in the shape he was in and hopes of receiving proper medical care. And while Harold himself was not blameless by his team, they still recalled the wins he gave them in the earlier challenges and decided to give him a second chance to make up for his flub.

So with that another young potential couple is split off before it can be formed and then completely Flanderized and shafted into a supporting role on a series of recap episodes. XD

So that was the second episode in our What If? Special. Did it catch you by surprise? Did it make sense? I hope it did on both counts. XD I'd hate for this to seem random and/or stupid. With that out of the way let's predict/discuss what the next episode will be like without Trent or Geoff in the picture. This one being, Paintball Deer Hunt. As always I'd advise taking a look at the episode yourself just to refresh your memory and give you a fresh perspective of any potential changes.

Have fun!

Big Things To Discuss:

-What will change from this character's absence?
-How will this effect the challenge/episode?
-Which team will win?
-Who goes home?

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