Little something inspired by my post about how f’d up the Phobia Challenge was and how differently it should have gone. My question: What if it did? What if the Bass defeated the Gopher’s and one of them was sent home instead. How much would that have changed the game? Here we can discuss the what-could-have-beens. It’s all in good fun and I hope to continue this from journal to journal, gathering up the best ideas and such into a summary from the episode discussion prior. Will this idea take off? Well we’ll see. It’ll all come down to how much is put into this.

So let’s start off. In the scenario where Chris actually followed the real meaning of “facing ones fears”, this would have lead to the Killer Bass beating the Screaming Gophers 4 to 2 in their favor. In my mind the Final 2 at the Elimination Ceremony would come down to probably Heather (for freezing up into a ball at the sight of the sumo) and Trent (for running across the island to avoid the mime, thus leaving Gwen alone and buried under underground). When the votes were cast it was ultimately Trent who was sent home, since his fear put Gwen in danger when she really needed him and had placed her trust in him.

So, without Trent, how much would Up the Creek have changed for everyone? Just to help you guys out, take a re-watch of that episode and take a note of any scene with Trent in it or being mentioned. See how much those scenes would change if he wasn’t there.

Big Things To Discuss:

-What will change from this character's absence?
-How will this effect the challenge/episode?
-Which team will win?
-Who goes home?

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