Three projects I'd like to try my hand out with the Total Drama setting/characters. I have rough ideas for them and a lot to go over, so I'd like to see what you guys find more interesting before I elaborate more, that way I don't have this uber long post that'll take forever to type, proof, post, and read.

1. Total Drama Battle Royale: The Total Drama Campers of the first three seasons find themselves once again on Wawanakwa Island, only this time only one will be allowed to leave alive. This is an RP I had with the Moderator playing the role of Chris who has forced the Campers to make one last trip to the island to battle to the death over the course of three days. The last one standing recieves their prize. Not a million dollars, but their freedom. This would be a rather dark RP but I love both franchises and I want to see how people roleplay as their characters in such a dark setting and push the boundries of Roleplaying.

2. Poll Driven Character/Fic: An idea for a fic inspired by the awesome crossover fic between Mass Effect and MLP (Equestrian Equation and Shades of Twilight) were at the end of every chapter the character is faced with several options with their actions determined by the viewers votes. In this case the character would created by reader consensus and take the place of a character in the first season of Total Drama and follow their journey through the show. Everything about the character, who they're friends with, who they're enemies with, and how they play the game will be determined by the decisions of the fans.

3. Total Drama/DnD Crossover: Basically another random idea where the characters take to roles of characters and classes from DnD, with their teams lead by the resident nerds (Cody, Noah, Harold) and take part in several quests from Dungeon Master Chris to amass wealth and loot until they face the final Dungeon Crawl for the ultimate prize. This one would be another weird sorta crossover, one that blurs he line if they're actually playing out the quests as if they were challenges or they're just playing the game somewhere and it's just imagination. It'd have a lot of the trappings and tropes of both series with some potential to explore and develop characters and just have some harmless fun. Inspired by the Goblins comic which is always a joy to read.

Well there are my ideas. If any strike your fancy be sure to ask questions and I'll try to compile everything I have on them into posts. Hopefully this'll help me make these a reality somewhere down the line.

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