I mean it. Thinking back on that episode, that challenge seemed to have been rigged to insure the Gophers won. Let me lay this out for you though so you don’t think I’m just making stuff up. First we’ll list off all the characters and their fears and whether they were counted as conquered or not. Killer Bass:

  • Bridgette-Alone in the Woods-Not Conquered
  • Courtney-Green Jello-Not Conquered
  • DJ-Snakes-Conquered
  • Duncan-Celine Deon Music Store Standees-Conquered
  • Geoff-Hail-Not Conquered
  • Harold-Ninjas-Not Conquered
  • Sadie-Bad Haircuts-Conquered
  • Tyler-Chickens-Not Conquered

Total Score: 3

Screaming Gophers:

  • Beth-Bugs-Conquered
  • Cody-Defusing a Time-bomb under pressure-Not Conquered
  • Gwen-Buried Alive-Conquered
  • Heather-Sumo Wrestlers-Conquered
  • Izzy-Flying-Conquered
  • Leshawna-Spiders-Not Conquered
  • Lindsay-Bad Haircuts-Conquered
  • Owen-Flying-Conquered
  • Trent-Mimes-Conquered

Total Score: 6

Okay, here’s where things get real. We’ll start with the Killer Bass. First off, Harold DID face his fear, being ready and willing to fight against the ninja Chris sent at him. Somehow, that didn’t count, because Harold knocked himself out. Why? How does that not count as conquering your fear if you were just about to fight it?

Now let’s go to the Gophers were things were REALLY messed up. First off, Izzy and Owen. Their fear was flying. A common fear, one they decided to have them face by putting them in an airplane. So what was the problem? They were locked in the thing, with no means of escape or way to opt-out. They weren’t given parachutes or anything that would have allowed them any other option BUT to stick it out until the plane landed. They literally could not fail this challenge unless their panic caused them all to die in a fiery crash.

Second there’s Heather. Unlike Harold, she DIDN’T gear up for a fight and actually went into ball out of fear when faced with the sumo. It was by dumb luck that the sumo ended up tripping on her and knocking himself out. Okay, how did THAT count as facing her fear? This wasn’t a flipping contest of who would win in a sumo match, this was Heather curling up in a ball in fear, and some how that counted as her conquering her phobia.

Then there’s Cody who’s fear was disarming a time-bomb under pressure. Some how the bomb going off counts as a failure, even though you’d think the fact HE STAYED NEXT TO A BOMB would count as him facing his fear and conquering it. Whether he disarmed the damn thing or not is irrelevant.

Finally there’s Trent and Gwen, probably the biggest mistakes of this challenge. Trent did not face his fear, instead running in terror all over the island to get away from the mime, to the point where he jumped into the shark infested water to do so. How did he conquer this? By tricking the mime into going away. That wasn’t brave, that wasn’t facing his fear, it may have been clever, but he still didn’t face his fear, he just got lucky. And Gwen doesn’t count as well because, like Izzy and Owen, she had no way to opt out of her challenge rather than face it. No one was nearby to hear her cries for people to let her out. She had no other choice BUT to stay underground.

So with all of this accounted for, what would the REAL final score be?

Killer Bass: 4

Screaming Gophers: 2

That entire challenge and the Bass actually had DOUBLE the number of Gophers who actually faced their fears. A+ job on that one Chris. You damn well sure know how to run a show.

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