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    Three projects I'd like to try my hand out with the Total Drama setting/characters. I have rough ideas for them and a lot to go over, so I'd like to see what you guys find more interesting before I elaborate more, that way I don't have this uber long post that'll take forever to type, proof, post, and read.

    1. Total Drama Battle Royale: The Total Drama Campers of the first three seasons find themselves once again on Wawanakwa Island, only this time only one will be allowed to leave alive. This is an RP I had with the Moderator playing the role of Chris who has forced the Campers to make one last trip to the island to battle to the death over the course of three days. The last one standing recieves their prize. Not a million dollars, but the…

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  • IronBloodAika

    Well it’s that day of the week again and the pain from last week has subsided a little, but it’s still there and I’m not letting go. I’ve got no expectations or hopes for this episode, though it’ll start off in the negative I’m sure with Chris’ recap and trying to get us to by that what we saw was Courtney’s fault and not the hands of a writer who sucks at his craft.

    And you know why it sucked? Because it didn’t have too. I thought up so many ways for that episode to turn out before it aired, it could have been great, if not just decent. The fact that I could come up with a better story, and not even have a college degree in writing (it’s in CIS), that’s pretty sad Fresh. So without further adieu, let’s go over quickly how this episode coul…

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  • IronBloodAika

    When we last left off Trent had been voted off from the Gopher's after his fear of mimes caused him to leave Gwen alone underground well past the time limit. It was from this change the sequence of events changed and started to effect the following challenges. The first one to deal with this fallout was Up the Creek.

    The beginning of the episode takes place much the same, but already we can see how Trent's absence has effected the others. Still hurt by Trent's apparent abandonment of her (and unable to reconcile due to his elimination), Gwen is not in the best of moods. Cody's attempts at flirtation are also less well received because, without Trent around, Cody is unable to realize he's got no chance and to back off. Any slip of him trying…

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    Little something inspired by my post about how f’d up the Phobia Challenge was and how differently it should have gone. My question: What if it did? What if the Bass defeated the Gopher’s and one of them was sent home instead. How much would that have changed the game? Here we can discuss the what-could-have-beens. It’s all in good fun and I hope to continue this from journal to journal, gathering up the best ideas and such into a summary from the episode discussion prior. Will this idea take off? Well we’ll see. It’ll all come down to how much is put into this.

    So let’s start off. In the scenario where Chris actually followed the real meaning of “facing ones fears”, this would have lead to the Killer Bass beating the Screaming Gophers 4 to…

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  • IronBloodAika

    I mean it. Thinking back on that episode, that challenge seemed to have been rigged to insure the Gophers won. Let me lay this out for you though so you don’t think I’m just making stuff up. First we’ll list off all the characters and their fears and whether they were counted as conquered or not. Killer Bass:

    • Bridgette-Alone in the Woods-Not Conquered
    • Courtney-Green Jello-Not Conquered
    • DJ-Snakes-Conquered
    • Duncan-Celine Deon Music Store Standees-Conquered
    • Geoff-Hail-Not Conquered
    • Harold-Ninjas-Not Conquered
    • Sadie-Bad Haircuts-Conquered
    • Tyler-Chickens-Not Conquered

    Total Score: 3

    Screaming Gophers:

    • Beth-Bugs-Conquered
    • Cody-Defusing a Time-bomb under pressure-Not Conquered
    • Gwen-Buried Alive-Conquered
    • Heather-Sumo Wrestlers-Conquered
    • Izzy-Flying-Conquered
    • Les…
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