I am just letting everyone know that because of the next season, there will be good news and there will be bad news. I'll explain the good news first and then I'll explain the the bad news.

The good news is that Total Drama the Musical is starting to air next year, and I know that everyone is excited to see it. I know this because users have left so many messages on the TDtM talk page and because the talk page has been archived once.

The bad news is that next year is the year that the Total Drama series ends and after that... well, try not to think about what will happen after that right now. We all have to make the third season last because this will be the last time you'll see all of the heart warming moments from your favorite TDI characters.

I hope all of the GOOD editors here at Total Drama Wiki have a Happy New Year. Maybe we can even have a party in the IRC during New Years Eve;)

Yours truly, --Internet helperNeed Help?You'll Never Get Me Alive!XD

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