So yeah, CN has really done it now. First with Total Drama Action which sucked, and now CN is actually spoiling almost everything on Total Drama World Tour. They've completely destroyed the characters on Total Drama except Cody, Noah, Tyler, Alejandro, Sierra, Geoff, Heather, Justin, and Chris. I mean I don't think I could watch Total Drama World Tour because of this. I can't believe that Cartoon Network would just flat-out spoil the final four, the episodes, and the entire Total Drama series itself. Now, I can just hope that CN don't screw up some episodes of TDWT like they did with TDA, I thought TDA was okay but it wasn't as good as TDI anymore and the character seemed to be screwed up almost a lot.

Update: I know I was being a bit hypocritical, but I was expressing on how CN sort of spoiled TDWT. Sorry if I caused any problems. It's just....well I don't know.

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