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  • I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Designing, Repairing PC, etc
  • I am Male
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    Today, I'm going to list my top 5 best villains of Total Drama of all time.

    5. Chris Mclean - The drama maker, the money maker

    4. Justin - Former attempted TDA antagonist, the hot model

    3. Courtney - C.I.T lawsuit pursuiter, former Duncan's girl on season 3

    2. Heather - The queen of mean, the girl of all evil, the queen bee, the former evil but still mean b***h

    1. Alejandro - The new Justin 2.0, a Male version of Heather, the silent eliminator, the new Arch Villain, etc

    Tell me what you think about the top 5 best villains of Total Drama of all time and tell me what's your top 5 best villains of Total Drama.

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    Now we know that Cody is in 3rd place on Total Drama World Tour. The final two are: Heather and Alejandro.

    I'm guessing that Heather wins in Canada, US, Australia and Alejandro wins in Italy, south america, U.K. I'm hoping that Heather wins because she stopping being evil in this season, I mean she was mean and evil on season one, and was a fail in season two. Tell me who do you support to win TDWT, either Heather or Alejandro. If there is an alternative ending where Alejandro wins, I hope karma bites him in the rear when Zeke grabs the case and throw over the volcano.

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    The Niagara Brawls is probably the second best episode of TDWT since Greese's Pieces and the reason why is because it contained the best CodyxSierra moments out there. This episode also contained drama, humour, and entertainment. I'm happy that Cody and Sierra kissed, but also one thing got to my mind when they got "married": lolz and awww...that's cute. I find the Cody and Sierra kiss funny and very sweet. Tell me what you think about the CodyxSierra moment on this and also tell me what was the best CodyxSierra moment on TDWT.

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    So yeah, CN has really done it now. First with Total Drama Action which sucked, and now CN is actually spoiling almost everything on Total Drama World Tour. They've completely destroyed the characters on Total Drama except Cody, Noah, Tyler, Alejandro, Sierra, Geoff, Heather, Justin, and Chris. I mean I don't think I could watch Total Drama World Tour because of this. I can't believe that Cartoon Network would just flat-out spoil the final four, the episodes, and the entire Total Drama series itself. Now, I can just hope that CN don't screw up some episodes of TDWT like they did with TDA, I thought TDA was okay but it wasn't as good as TDI anymore and the character seemed to be screwed up almost a lot.

    Update: I know I was being a bit hypoc…

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