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    Audition tapes will come out once a week, by the way guys. I hope you are as hyped for this season as I am!

    George: *just ending the game he was playing*Hi! I'm George, on this game I'm pretty much a celebrity. There's a folklaw spreading around that I am the player that can't be beaten. I'm great at platform games, puzzle games, the whole enchilada! *he adresses the screen* but, between you and me both. I am actually terrible at games, but I have my ways. *smirks to himself* This game is going to be simple: make some allies, break some allies, and cheat my way to the finale. No one is getting in my way, no one.

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    Chris is standing in front of a movie studio.

    Chris: Yo, today is going to be an awesome day, because the newest installment of Total Drama is here for you today! I know right, awesome. This season since we kind of lost a bit of money from going around the world like for three whole seasons, this season is going to take place in the same abandoned movie lot that we used in TDA. It’s time to light the lights; camera the cameras; and bring in the contestants. It’s Total Drama To The Movies!


    We are following a dirty tour bus. Blast is sat in the front seat and is talking to Chef Hatchet.

    Blast: No offence to you and your driving skills, Chef, is it? But, I believe that I should be driving. I’m a formula racer, I can even build a car a…

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    Remaining Contestants

    Daring Deer - Ellie, Luca, Ally, Alec, Carmen, Emma, Pete (7/8)

    Malevolent Mongoose - Robert, Kimberley, Tasha, Jamie (4/8)

    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Survival. It was my birthday! The headliners for my party were the two teams. One team made a delicious platter of my favorite foods but the other team put on a play that ended up destroying my stage and my face. Obviously, that team lost and the person going home was Ruby because apparently her handy work on the backdrop would be great, but instead it destroyed my stage! Emma and Pete still worked on their villainy and sabotaged the other team. What will happen this episode: will the campers make it out alive? Your guess is as good as mine. Find out what will happen …

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    Hence the name of the title, after TDS, I've got some plans. Please, don't be alarmed. This season is not happening now, I totally cannot have two seasons going on and also there are way too many going on right now. This season will start round-about June. The season is going to be an OC season, where you guys can donate your own characters. It will be a 22 character season and will have 26 episodes. The theme will be like TDA and will be based on movies. I know it is a bit early, but I would like people to start recruiting characters now, so I can plan things like elimination orders and episode plans because I am a really slow worker.

    I would like a personality to be included and an appearance if possible.

    At the end put in a number from 1-1…

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    I'll keep on adding to this blog, these percentages are of the actual words spoken, it's not the lines but the actual amount of words spoken. I'll try and do one or two every week. At the end I'll do a season tally. I'll being doing the three previous seasons later and the next three as well.

    Results are in! 2,156 words spoken. Chris obviously comes out on top. Percentages:

    Chris: 42%

    Staci: 9%

    Zoey and Mike: 7

    Cameron: 6%

    Lightning: 5%

    Brick, Sam, Dawn and Anne Maria: 4%

    Dakota and Jo: 3%

    Scott: 2%

    Owen: 1%.

    Leaving Chef and B at less than 1%.

    Note: Wow, I know Staci is a chatterbox but wow, it's so weird how she got so much this episode. Well, she won't be getting anymore until the finale since she is eliminated. And Jo and Scott being near the bott…

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