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    A lot of blog posts have been going around talking about how they would write the new season of Total Drama and I want to take a stab at it myself. I believe that this could be the best season because it has so much hype going around it and which ever way the writes take it, it will be succsessful. In my opinion, we haven't had a universally liked season since World Tour: Revenge of the Island was a mixed bag in my opinion with some great characters (Dawn, Cameron, Brick) but also some bad characters (Scott and Staci), All Stars wasn't fair to 90% of the characters and in Pahkitew it was like they weren't even trying.


    ​I would add in some favourites like Lindsay, Owen, Noah, Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro, Cody, Brick, Sco…

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    Carter: Welcome to the totally original series Total Drama Oskayi Island. Where we pit 24 teenagers against each over till one prevails and becomes... Totally Rich and Famous! Obviously, nothing like this has ever been done so I’ll give you the rundown of what is going to happen. For 10 weeks 24 campers will be on this island having the time of their lives by competing in bloodcurdling, death-defying challenges. Campers will be put into two teams based on personality and balance. Every three days a camper will be voted off, or removed from the competition because of major injures which will probably happen to most of them. To be voted off your team will have to have lost a challenge and you must’ve been the cause of it and thus you will be …

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    Chris: 13%

    Heather:  11%

    Owen:  10%

    Gwen:  9%

    Duncan: 7%

    Courtney, Lindsay and Geoff:  5%

    Leshawna and Trent:  4%

    DJ, Bridgette, Harold and Chef: 3%

    Izzy, Sadie, Katie and Cody: 2%

    Eva. Beth, Tyler and Noah: 1%

    Justin and Ezekiel at less than 1%


    Chris: 16%

    Duncan: 10%

    Beth and Harold: 8%

    Owen: 7%

    Courtney and Lindsay: 6%

    Leshawna: 5%

    Justin, Heather, Bridgette, Geoff and Chef:  4%

    Izzy, Gwen and Trent: 3%

    DJ: 2%

    Josh, Blaineley and Sierra: 1%

    Noah, Eva, Tyler, Ezekiel, Cody, Katie and Sadie at less than 1%


    Chris: 14%

    Heather: 10%

    Alejandro: 9%

    Sierra and Courtney: 7%

    Cody and Owen: 6%

    Duncan: 5%

    Blaineley, Gwen, DJ and Geoff: 4%

    Tyler and Bridgette: 3%

    Noah, Izzy, Lindsay, Leshawna, Harold and Chef: 2%

    Ezekiel: 1%

    Eva, Trent, Beth, Katie and Sadie at less than 1%

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    August 19, 2016 by InterGalaxtic03










    Total Drama Totally Dramatic


                               A New Beginning

    Episode #1





















    18 contestants are on a plane to TOTAL DRAMATIC ISLAND they are all on the TV show Total Drama, all of different personality and from different walks of life. ELLA is prancing around she is the Disney Princess of the show.




    Total Drama! We are on a plane were we will probably die!


    AMY who is sitting on a bench is our spoilt brat she is staring Ella down she is rich and prissy her voice is reminiscent of popular wealthy rich girls.



    Yeah, Yeah! To give you some advice you’ll die before we get there if you keep on the singing!


    Ella pauses h…

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