• I live in Manhatten
  • I was born on September 3
  • I am MALE!
  • InterGalaxtic03

    Andrew: Was that a creak at the door? The stories were real; the end of the world is near! Oh, sorry I’m Andrew and I will probably be the smartest person on the show because I actually know about things like zombie apocalypses, the end of the world, atomic bombs. Anyway, yeah I’m... did the camera flash, are the aliens here?

    Joel: Howdy parents. My name is Joel and I know a bit about surviving anywhere. I’s raised in a barn where I had to pick my way out of outhouses and jump outta’ burning buildings. Watch out town-people because Joel is here.

    Zack: Is the camera rolling? Cool. My name is like Zack and I wanna be on Total Drama because I think it needs somebody like me. My mom said I should join because I need to make some friends but in all …

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    New Tape!

    ???:  My name is Nozomi and I am a Go Chess Player and I love Total Drama. I cannot wait to see the world, make some new friends and win a million bucks! Watch out competitors: Nozomi is here to win! 

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    ​Sorry this one is late I was away Thursday through Saturday, anyway, here it is.

    ​???: ​My name is The Big C and I want to be a contestant on Total Drama because I feel like they need me. I play basketball 24/7 and if I'm chosen for the competition then I will be sure to bring my game on. The Big C is out!

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    ​Seiji: (arkward silence). ​Are we done? No? This is stupid​. 

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    1.       Pilot – Gwen – the new girl in school - tries to find her clique but finds it hard.

    2.       All Gloves Are Off – Harold takes self-defence classes to beat Duncan in a fight.

    3.      School Council President – Lindsay goes against Courtney for School Council President.

    4.      How Evil Can You Go? – Heather gets into a fight with Gwen and Trent backs her up.

    5.      All You Can Eat – Owen goes against Geoff in an all you can eat buffet challenge.

    6.      Dance Off! – Leshawna and DJ compete in a school dance off.

    7.      Man Up – Duncan doubts his strength when Eva beats him in a fight.

    8.      Brace It – Lindsay and Brody try and calm down Beth when she is getting her braces off.

    9.      Time to Play – Izzy takes Noah and Owen on a crazy adventure through…

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